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Payroll urges supervisors to inform staff of convenience of electronic direct deposit

As Payroll continues its concerted push to move all University personnel to electronic direct deposit, the department is looking to supervisors for help. Supervisors can assist by encouraging their staff members who still receive paper paychecks to enroll in direct deposit without delay.

According to Payroll, approximately 25,000 employees � 94 percent of Purdue's workforce � accept their salary by means of an automatic direct deposit into their personal bank or credit union accounts. Enlisting help from area supervisors, Payroll hopes to serve the remaining 6 percent � or approximately 1,500 staff members � the same convenience, reliability, and peace of mind.

"There are benefits that Purdue can reap from electronic direct deposit," said Mary Alexander-Conte, assistant comptroller, Payroll and Taxes, "as well as numerous employee advantages that are hard to dismiss."

Those advantages include:

  • Greater security for sensitive, personal information and a guard against identity theft
  • Easier financial management because deposits are made automatically and on time
  • Convenience, immediate access to money, and peace of mind, even when the employee is incapacitated or unable to get to the bank
  • Deposits can be directed to as many as six different accounts, even accounts in different banks or financial institutions
  • An online pay statement available through Purdue's Employee Self Service (ESS)

Besides the personal advantages, paperless electronic deposit provides tremendous benefit to the environment, Alexander-Conte said. Reduced paper usage translates to fewer trees sacrificed for paper production, a decrease in industrial pollution, and a savings in fuel and transportation costs.

Payroll suggests supervisors meet with their employees who have yet to enroll in direct deposit and discuss the advantages. Employees may ask their supervisors to help them enroll, which can be accomplished easily through ESS or the Form 0003, "Direct Deposit Application for Payroll."

Purdue employees can access ESS by logging into the OnePurdue portal with their Purdue Career Account and password. Several University Web sites, including the Purdue and the OnePurdue home pages, provide entry points to the OnePurdue portal.

The Form 0003, "Direct Deposit Application for Payroll," can be downloaded from the Payroll Department Web site. It is accessible under the "Forms" gold tab. If employees prefer a hard copy of the form, one can be obtained from their business office.

Direct deposit account information that is submitted electronically will be effective with the next payroll that is processed. If submitting the Form 0003, allow an additional 10 business days for processing. New employees may need to wait until their Career Account and password are established before completing the application in either format.

For more information about direct deposit, please access "Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Direct Deposit," available through the Payroll Department Web site or contact Mary Alexander-Conte by e-mail or by phone at 49-41084.

- Janis Thornton
Business Services Computing Training and Communications

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