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Weed out old forms that ask for Social Security number

Please check your saved electronic files and your storage cabinets for old Human Resource Services (HRS) forms that request a Social Security number. If you find one, please get rid of it right away.

HRS and many other offices around campus have put forth a big effort over the past several months to redo forms so that they no longer ask for a person�s Social Security number. Although we've updated our forms, and the new and improved ones are readily available through our Web site, we still occasionally see an old one drifting about.

Up-to-date forms are available through the Business Services forms Web page. If you have a question about one of our forms, please contact the section of our department involved.

New laws related to restricted or sensitive information � such as a person�s Social Security number � went into effect in July 2006. You can reduce your risk of breaking these laws by not collecting Social Security numbers.

For more information on the new laws, follow these links:


Release of Social Security Number (Ind. Code 4-1-10)


Notice of Security Breach (Ind. Code 4-1-11)

- Nancy Rodibaugh, assistant director
HRS Communications

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