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Still printing resumes?

The University is making great strides towards becoming more self-sustaining and affordable for students. This evolution has made each and every one of us highly motivated to look for cost savings in our own departments.

With that goal in sight, the Talent Acquisition Team (TAT) has some great ideas for you to save printing costs and create greater efficiency in your search/selection practices. Taleo (Purdue's applicant tracking system) makes these cost savings/efficiencies available to you.

  • With unlimited, 24/7 Internet access to your candidate pool there is no reason to print resumes ever again. No printing costs!
  • Your entire search committee can have the same full access to the candidate pool as you. Again, no printing costs!
  • Let's not forget the easy to use sorting, grading and commenting tools that you and/or your search committee can use to combine your thoughts on the candidates. Yet another no print cost option! Bonus: forget about those long meetings spent away from your office passing around paper resumes.
  • Do you like to work from home or do you travel a lot for work? No problem, your candidate pool is just an Internet connection and a few clicks away – Taleo is very telework friendly.
  • Do you wonder if your advertisement in CareerBuilder (or some other source) was worth the money? We've got you covered! Your TAT representative can set up Taleo to track where your candidates heard about your open position. We'll share the data with you, so you can determine if this advertisement was a good investment.
  • Does your dean, vice president or department head need to approve your hire? No problem, give them access to your candidate pool in Taleo so they can check in on your progress anytime. No extra meetings, emails or memos!

Want even more? Check out some of these quick tips.

Use the "Selection Workflow" filters (located on the upper left side of screen when in your requisition):

  • Quickly identify the new candidates your TAT representative has added by clicking on "Manager Review" and sorting the column "Sel. Step/Status Date".
  • Quickly identify how far along your TAT representative is in conducting your additional screenings by clicking on "HR Screening" and checking out the "Selection Status" that is assigned. Want the details? Click on the candidate's name and read the "History" tab.
  • Do you want to only see the files of the candidates you are interviewing? Click on the "1st Interview" tab.
  • Use the "Quick Filters" (located on the lower left side of screen when in your requisition):
  • Do you want to see only the candidates who currently work at Purdue? Click on "Candidates" and select the box "Internal".
  • Use the columns to sort through your candidates (you can also drag/drop these columns in any order).
  • Do you want to sort through the "Grades" your search committee assigned? Click on the "Grade" column.
  • Do you want to add or see the comments that you and/or your search committee made about a particular candidate? Click the candidate name and then click on the "History" tab to read.
  • Do you want to see if you have any Reduction in Force candidates? Click on the "RIF" column to sort, you will see these candidates marked with "In Preference".
  • Do you want to see if you have any dual career candidates? Click the "DC" column to sort, and these candidates will be marked with "DCWL".

Just-in-time training on any of these topics for you and/or your search committee can be requested through your TAT representative. Look for Taleo to offer the University more cost savings and efficiencies in the future!

-Sonia Hooker, PHR and Melissa Martin, PHR, talent acquisition specialists
Talent Acquisition


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