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Satellite HR teams announce restructuring

There has been an organizational change within the Human Resources teams that serve Housing and Food Services and Physical Facilities.

On April 1, Housing and Food Services and Physical Facilities Human Resources consolidated operations, and Amy Boyle became the associate director of human resources, Housing and Food Services/Physical Facilities. This consolidation realigns staffing from both departments to provide opportunities to serve customers in both areas more efficiently. Combining these teams allows for sharing of expertise throughout both organizations and provides more responsive employee relations coverage and greater depth in each HR function.

As associate director, Amy Boyle is the primary strategic partner for both Housing and Food Services and Physical Facilities leadership teams. Tammy Johnson is the senior HR specialist and serves as employee relations lead.

For now and into the near future, the HR contacts will remain the same.  Amy and her newly consolidated team will assess the operation and solicit feedback over the next few months to determine the most efficient and effective means for Human Resources to serve our organizations.

Both organizations appreciate that the leaders of the consolidating teams will still be part of both Housing and Food services and Physical Facilities to ensure continuity of service and retain a thorough understanding of both areas.

- Kathy VanPaemel, HR specialist
Housing and Food Services/Physical Facilities Human Resources


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