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Improved benefits enrollment ahead for grad staff

August 2013 is slated for the beginning of the 2013-14 graduate staff benefits enrollment. Returning grad staff will find a more straightforward and integrated enrollment process for medical and supplemental benefits.

E-Benefits will be used to conduct an online open enrollment for new and returning grad staff (CUL of 50% or greater). This change eliminates the use of the United Health Care system for medical, as well as the E-Benefits system for a partial year supplemental benefit election for programs like dental, accident, auto/home and legal coverage. In the past, many newly hired grads would select medical and supplemental plans in the fall without being aware they needed to re-enroll for dental and other supplemental coverages again during faculty and staff open enrollment to continue their coverage into the next calendar year.

The HR Benefits team worked with the Purdue Graduate Student Government in setting up the "default" rules. Each grad must choose to participate in medical insurance and identify any family members to be covered in the coming year. Health insurance coverage begins August 6 and is available until August 5 of the next calendar year. Coverage for medical does not carry forward from one year to the next; a grad must log on to E-Benefits and actively enroll. Other benefits offered are dental, accident, home/auto, legal, long term care, critical illness and universal life insurance. Returning grads will automatically be reenrolled in any supplemental insurance coverage unless they log into E-Benefits to stop the coverage.

Just as an update to supervisors working with student staff, health care reform has new rules about eligibility for health insurance. HR Benefits and Compensation teams are actively investigating how the 30-or-more-hours-per-week regulation aligns with Purdue's employment practices. Plans for the fall enrollment are underway based on our current 50% CUL eligibility standards.

-Susan Morgan Davis, benefit programs consultant


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