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Spring Fling: An opportunity to show appreciation

A key component for any workplace is employee appreciation. And what better way to show appreciation for faculty and staff than to celebrate with a day filled with food, music and fun activities?

Spring Fling, the annual faculty/staff appreciation day, will take place May 17 from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., on and around the Purdue Memorial Mall. We ask deans, directors, and department and office heads to take advantage of this opportunity to show special appreciation to their support employees when arranging for office staffing during the day of the event.

Vital to our University

It seems as though there is always activity on the Purdue campus -- always someone thinking, working and learning. Purdue itself seems to be alive. As we know that no living body can function without the operation of its vital parts – the heart, the lungs and the brain – Purdue cannot function without the vital components and contributions of its staff and faculty.

The dedication and hard work of Purdue employees makes it possible for Purdue to realize its mission of serving the citizens of Indiana, the United States and the world through discovery, learning and engagement.

As a supervisor of these vital components, please schedule office hours accordingly, and encourage staff to participate in the event we know as Spring Fling!

- Carrie Hanson, training manager
  Human Resources Leadership and Organizational Development

May 2012 issue

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