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New company to handle worker's compensation claims

Effective July 1, 2010, Purdue will transfer the administration of the University's worker's compensation program from Liberty Mutual to JWF Specialty Company, which is based out of Indianapolis. The change will bring cost savings, plus more personalized service.

The change will affect all claims for injuries that occur beginning July 1. Claims with an injury date prior to July 1 will remain with Liberty Mutual until they are closed.

The procedure for reporting injuries will change slightly effective July 1. Beginning on that date, claims may be submitted to JWF electronically, by phone, or by fax. Electronic submission is the preferred method whenever possible.

A new First Report of Injury form will replace the one currently on the REM Web site. The supervisor or designee reporting the injury will print copies of the form prior to hitting the "Submit" button. Hitting "Submit" will automatically send the form to JWF, REM, and the worker's compensation coordinators at Purdue.

Less information will be required on the First Report of Injury than previously required for two reasons:

  • Information regarding the employee will automatically populate once the name and Purdue University ID number (PUID) are entered into the system for a claim. This includes the address, department, date of hire, and other information.
  • The injury investigation portion of the report has been separated out into a different form.

The employee's PUID will be necessary when completing a First Report of Injury.

Direct links to more detailed information will be available on the First Report of Injury Web site beginning July 1. Links will include the following resources, which will be updated sometime in June.

The Supervisor's Accident Investigation Form and the Worker's Compensation Witness Report Form will be available as a direct link from the First Report of Injury Web site.

Medical providers (doctors, clinics, etc) for worker's compensation will remain the same at this time. All medical providers will be reviewed by JWF and changes may be made at a later time.

Responsibilities of employees

  • Inform the supervisor immediately of injury or illness on the job because of a work-related situation.
  • Give the supervisor the information needed to file a First Report of Injury.
  • Use designated health care providers. Employees may not use their personal physician for work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Attend all scheduled appointments, and provide a written work status slip to the supervisor after every doctor's appointment.
  • Stay in close communication with the supervisor, the business office, and JWF.
  • Work with the supervisor or business office to complete appropriate leave forms, such as FMLA or sick leave.
  • If the employee is expected to be off work for more than 21 days due to the injury and is covered by short term disability (STD) insurance, the employee should contact CIGNA at (800) 362-4462 to file an STD claim.

Responsibilities of supervisors

  • If medical attention is needed, work with the employee to arrange transportation to an approved worker's compensation provider.
  • Complete the First Report of Injury Form within 24 hours after an employee notifies you of a workplace injury or illness.
  • After making copies, submit the First Report of Injury to JWF.
  • For serious injuries, ask witnesses to complete a Witness Report Form.
  • Contact JWF if the employee is going to be off work due to the injury or illness.

Questions regarding the change may be directed to Tammy Synesael or to Deborah Popa.

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