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LeadingEdition: E-Newsletter for Purdue University Supervisors

Supervisors have a valuable resource in WorkLife Programs' Employee Assistance

WorkLife Programs' Employee Assistance can support you and your employees in seeking professional help to resolve personal, family, or work-related issues. Early intervention may prevent the concern from having an impact on you or on your employee's job performance.

In addition, our counselors can work with you to help provide suggestions on dealing with employee issues, toward the goal of helping you retain valued employees.

Our common goal is to establish a work environment that is healthy and productive for all employees. It is important for supervisors to focus on objective performance standards when evaluating an employee's job performance.

Here are some helpful guidelines for supervisors to use when assisting employees who are dealing with employee performance that is impacted by personal, family, or work-related issues:

  • Establish objective levels of work performance.

  • Measure, evaluate, and record job performance. Be consistent in your expectations of employees.

  • Provide prompt feedback to employees to communicate dissatisfaction and to seek solutions.

  • Focus on performance, and be specific.

  • Be firm: Offer the staff member assistance.

  • Be honest and speak with authority.

  • Prepare to cope with resistance, denial, defensiveness, and even hostility.

  • Secure a commitment from the employee to improve specific behaviors.

  • Follow up: Meet with the employee after a specified amount of time.

Make sure your employees are aware of, and encourage them to use, the on-site resources available through WorkLife Programs' Employee Assistance. Services are open to benefits-eligible faculty and staff, official retirees, spouses/same-sex domestic partners, dependents, and families of deceased employees.

All services are confidential.

The WorkLife Programs' Employee Assistance office, located at 501 Hayes Street behind the Visitor Information Center, is open 8 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Employee assistance services are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the Choose Well, Live Well Personal Health Team at (800) 767-7141 (select option 2). Employees and supervisors also have a valuable resource in CIGNAbehavioral.com (which can be accessed with the employer ID "purdue"). The service offers anonymous online assistance through self-help tools, assessments, and more.

For more information on how WorkLife Programs' Employee Assistance can be of help to supervisors, call 49-47707.

- WorkLife Programs' Employee Assistance

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