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Purdue's policy on amorous dating

Why do we need this? As a supervisor, this may be the first question you asked yourself when you read that Purdue now has a policy to cover amorous dating relationships between a student and a faculty member, a graduate teaching or research assistant, or any other Purdue employee who has either educational responsibility over a student or supervisory responsibilities for staff.

Purdue wanted to clarify these types of situations. Most Big Ten universities and our peer institutions already have such a policy. There were many months of discussions with the Faculty Senate, APSAC and CSSAC to get feedback and agreement.

Dating and social relationships in the workplace can be complicated. This policy actually simplifies dating relationships, at least between supervisors and their employees. These types of relationships can have an impact on others on the team or in the department and can create the perception of unfairness. If you supervise someone with whom you are in an amorous relationship, you need to report the situation so that arrangements can be made to remove the supervisory relationship. The University's goal is to put policies and standards in place that protect against misperceptions of misuse of power or privilege.

If you have questions about this new policy, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity at equity@purdue.edu or 49-47253.

- Alvin Lee
Employee Relations

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