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Encourage employees to take part in work environment survey

As announced in November 2013, Human Resources has partnered with two Purdue faculty members to launch a long-term initiative with the goal of understanding and improving the quality of the work environment for staff.

In April, as part of the Purdue Quality of Work Environment Initiative, all nonacademic staff will be invited to participate in a survey composed of questions about the work environment. The survey focuses on assessing the quality of employees’ work experiences, as well as highlighting areas for continuous improvement and informing the design of future leadership development initiatives.

This survey is an important step toward ensuring Purdue is fostering the kind of workplace that allows employees to do their best work – supervisors are asked to encourage their employees to take part, and also to take part themselves. Employee participation is critical to the success and impact of this project, as it will help the University focus on making changes that will be most meaningful to employees.

Purdue’s goal is to first measure, then improve employee engagement. Committed employees who feel loyal to Purdue are more likely to go above and beyond in their job responsibilities, as well as being more likely to stay at the University, which results in both improved performance and retention (and a more enriched work environment for employees).

Each staff member will receive an individual email invitation with a link to the online survey. Computer labs with onsite assistance will be set up across campus for those who need computer access. A computer lab schedule will be available on the project website, www.purdue.edu/hr/qwei.

Please reassure employees that survey responses will remain confidential and reports will not include any IP addresses, names or email addresses. All data will be protected and securely stored, and no individual employee responses will be identified in any reports. The results of the survey will be reported in the aggregate: high level trends and key themes will be shared, but individually identifiable responses will not be reported.

All staff will receive an invitation to complete the survey and share their input in the coming weeks. Please go to www.purdue.edu/hr/qwei/ for more information. Additional questions may be directed to Lisa Burke, Butler Center project manager, at workqual@purdue.edu or 494-6075.


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