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Time card tips

Here are a few key points to remember about time cards:


Timecards are used to document actual hours worked (or covered by an appropriate leave program such as vacation or sick leave) by nonexempt employees and to calculate correct pay for nonexempt employees. The law requires the University to keep all timecards for nonexempt employees.


When a supervisor signs a timecard, he is certifying that the hours recorded by the employee are correct to the best of the supervisor�s knowledge. Supervisors should never sign timecards for employees.


When an employee signs a timecard, she is certifying that the document accurately reflects the hours actually worked or covered by a leave benefit. Employees should never sign timecards for supervisors.


If it is necessary to correct a timecard after either or both the employee and the supervisor have signed it, both parties need to initial the change on the timecard.


If an employee or a supervisor is told to falsify information on a timecard, told to sign knowing that the information is incorrect, or told to sign for someone else, we recommend that the individual contact either Employee Relations (49-41679) or the Internal Audit Fraud Hotline (49-46999 ).


It is important that employees and supervisors understand that their actions, even routine actions like filling out timecards, have a significant effect on the University�s goal of making Purdue a great place to work.

- Deborah Turner, assistant director
Employment and Compensation

Gold rule

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