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It's performance evaluation season

6 pointers for writing an effective performance appraisal

Performance management is a system to help the organization and each employee be successful in meeting the organization's mission and goals. It includes planning work and setting expectations, monitoring performance, developing the employee's capacity to perform, periodically rating performance, and rewarding good performance.

Completing the performance appraisal is one key piece of performance management. Employees want and need feedback.

When completing the performance appraisal form, keep the following in mind:

1. Include specific examples as often as possible. This can help eliminate ambiguity and the possibility of sending mixed messages.

2. Keep your written feedback constructive.

3. Don't reference any medical situations, absences, injuries or issues because this can support a perception of discrimination based on protected information.

4. Don't include something on the appraisal that has not been discussed previously with the employee. This is not the time for surprises!

5. Review your appraisal to be sure it's based on the essential functions and qualifications required for the position. The criteria should be stated in measurable, observable and/or behavioral terms.

6. Ensure written feedback is unbiased and free of stereotypes or personal feelings. Be certain it reflects the entire period's performance, not just one incident – good or bad.  


- Amy Boyle, PHR, Manager
Housing and Food Services Human Resources

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