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HR Service Center now handling all West Lafayette FMLA processing

West Lafayette campus employees, supervisors and business office staff should now contact the Human Resources Service Center (HRSC) for anything related to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). 

"In the past, FMLA processing was handled by various offices around campus," according to Teresa Wesner, customer service manager in HR. "We've pulled all the processing into a central office to increase efficiency."

HRSC staff are available to assist with all FMLA matters, including:

  • Paperwork to request a new FMLA leave
  • Questions pertaining to an existing FMLA leave
  • Status updates relating to a pending FMLA leave
  • Questions about the amount of leaving remaining

Questions about FMLA service through the HRSC may be directed to Tammy Synesael, the FMLA supervisor, at
49-41691 or  tammy@purdue.edu. Otherwise, employees and business offices should contact the person assigned to cover their work area, as outlined in the following table.

Work Contact Name Contact Number Contact Email

ITaP, Intercollegiate Athletics, Business
Services, Libraries and University Press,
International Programs, Graduate School,
Student Affairs and Enrollment, and Office
of Financial Affairs/Executive Offices

Paula Cheatham 765-494-1533 pcheath@purdue.edu
Pharmacy, Engineering, and Science Lisa Hornbeck 765-494-1310 lahornbeck@purdue.edu
Technology, Education, Liberal Arts,
and Management
Lisa Hornbeck 765-494-1310 lahornbeck@purdue.edu
Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, and
Health and Human Sciences
Lisa Hornbeck 765-494-1310 lahornbeck@purdue.edu
VP for Public Affairs, VP for Research
and Discovery Park, Purdue Extended
Campus, Development, and Marketing
and Media
Lisa Hornbeck 765-494-1310 lahornbeck@purdue.edu
Housing and Food Services and Physical Facilities Pam Hardesty 765-496-6269 prhardesty@purdue.edu


Tammy Synesael, FMLA supervisor


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