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Supporting dual careers means endless opportunities for Purdue

The Dual Career Assistance Program assists in meeting the needs of today's academic and professional couples and is a crucial element in recruiting and retaining top talent.   

First, for those of you who many not already know, dual career = two career seekers together. Usually, one person is recruited to the University and has an accompanying partner who is also seeking a career.

 So, why should dual career matter to you as a hiring manager? Below are just a few reasons:

  • Source of top candidates - Dual career candidates offer Purdue hiring managers a readily available, unique, diverse and extremely qualified source of job seekers who have a vested interest in joining the Purdue community.
  • Recruitment - Supporting dual careers is important to attracting top faculty and senior executives to the University. If Purdue is supportive of dual career couples, we offer a competitive advantage over other institutions that do not offer dual career assistance.
  • Retention - If both partners of a dual career couple are happily employed, it is likely that they will stay and benefit the Purdue community for years to come.
  • Partnership - Being receptive to and reaching out to others to share our dual career opportunities and candidates will bring us closer together as a University and aid in accomplishing our strategic staffing plans.

Purdue's Dual Career Assistance Program provides a central location for dual career candidates to begin their career search, making the rest of the process very simple for hiring managers. The program's representatives do much of the work for you.

Hiring managers can utilize the program in the following three ways:  

1. Filling an open position - If a dual career candidate is interested in your open position or is interested in learning more about your department, the program's representative will contact you. You may be asked to carefully look over the candidate's resume and consider interviewing him or her. You may provide resume feedback and advice to assist the candidate in the career search.

Be assured that it's OK if the dual career candidate doesn't fit your current opportunity; just keep the person in mind for future opportunities. If you know of other departments or opportunities at Purdue (or in the community) that match the dual career candidate, give the candidate a referral (or share the information with the program's representative).

2. Filling a temporary position - If you have a need for a temporary employee in your area, many dual career candidates are open to temporary positions as well. Just reach out to the program's representative with your need.

3. Recruitment of a new faculty or senior executive staff member - If you have recruited a new faculty member or senior executive staff member, dual career assistance is available to your new recruit's partner, and getting started is just an email or phone call away.

Information about Purdue's Dual Career Assistance Program can be found on the Talent Acquisition website or by contacting Melissa Martin, talent acquisition specialist in Human Resources.


- Melissa Martin, PHR
Talent Acquisition

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