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Managing the people side of reorganizations and process improvements

Units and departments may initiate continuous improvement efforts for a variety of reasons. Most improvement initiatives require some level of change. One thing is for sure, continuous improvement will likely impact what work is done, the way work is done, who carries out the work, and/or any number of other factors.

As a supervisor, if you find your unit is undergoing an improvement project that may result in significant realignment of existing positions or the elimination of the need for existing skills within the workforce, here are some tips to be aware of:

  • Ask questions tounderstand the goals of the initiative and the potential impact on your unit's objectives, processes, workflow, etc.
  • Understand each employee's knowledge, skills, and abilities and consider how each employee will add value to the initiative. Be prepared to share with leaders the unique skill set each employee brings to the initiative.
  • Lastly, be prepared to communicate the change to your direct reports. Work with your leaders to understand what you can communicate and the appropriate timing of the communications. As the messages become available, meet with your direct reports to clarify how the change will impact your unit.

For one-on-one change management support, contact your HR office or send an e-mail to Employee Relations. If you anticipate or forecast a reduction in your staffing levels, please take a moment to review the Reduction in Workforce Policy.

- Adedayo Adeniyi and Sharon Williams
Employee Relations

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