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Hiring 101: Coaching current Purdue employees through the employment process

So, you have a vacancy on the posting sheet, and it?s been a while since you?ve hired anyone. The folks down the hall have been just waiting for a chance to work with you, and the coffeepot chats include all sorts of informal inquiries about the position.

Some of these prospects may seem promising to you. After all, Purdue experience is often a plus to a hiring supervisor and considering a current employee for your vacancy makes sense.

You may find yourself in the position of coaching some of these prospects through the employment process. The process differs somewhat for internal and external applicants; we?ll concentrate on the procedure for current Purdue employees, who we call ?internal applicants.?

First, the very basics

You need to know two things:


Human Resource Services (HRS) is here to help you.


To make the playing field level and fair, all persons interested in a position need to work through HRS.

Current Purdue employees need to know two things:


They must have a resume on file in the University?s applicant database.


To be considered for a position, they must express interest in that position by filing a referral request.

Let?s delve deeper into the resume and referral request requirements.

Create a resume

If the employee has a resume prepared, that?s great. Purdue offers a variety of ways to submit a resume, and we have listed them in the section below. If an applicant needs help putting a resume together, tips are available on the HRS website.

To assist employees who do not have regular access to printers and word processors for creating a traditional resume, HRS offers a tool called Resume Builder on our Web site. Through Resume Builder, the applicant can create and submit a resume by completing a fill-in-the-blank form. Any computer with access to the Web can use this tool. Several computers in the front lobby of Freehafer Hall are available for building resumes and/or applying for positions. Computers are also available in the human resources offices at Hillenbrand and South Campus Courts, Building C.

Resumes accepted through several channels

HRS has tried to make it easy to jump into the applicant pool by providing a number of ways to submit or update a resume. Applicants may:


Use Resume Builder to prepare and submit a resume electronically. *


E-mail the resume. *


Mail a paper resume to Human Resource Services.


Stop by the front desk in Freehafer to drop off a paper copy.

*Please note that the electronic submission process is not a secure means of communicating. It is possible that a third party could observe the information while the transmission is in transit.

Internal applicants must ask to be referred

Here?s a key point that internal applicants must remember! While external candidates with resumes on file are actively considered for all positions related to their education, background, and experience, staff who are currently employed at Purdue must express interest in a particular position to be considered. HRS doesn?t seek out happily placed staff and invite them to transfer!

Fortunately, this step is easy to accomplish. To express interest in a position, the internal applicant simply files a referral request. Employees most often submit the referral request electronically through the HRS Web site. Visitors to Freehafer can use the lobby computers for submitting referral requests if they don?t have computer access at home or at their workplace. Paper referral requests may be submitted at the Physical Facilities Human Resources Office in South Campus Courts, Building C or in the HFS Human Resources Office in Hillenbrand.

Sometimes a student employee or a temporary worker (including Production Unlimited) may ask you about an open position in your area. Students and temps will want to submit an updated resume, being sure to include any helpful Purdue work experience. Their credentials will be reviewed and considered as external candidates.

What role does HRS play in referring internal applicants?

An HRS recruiter will make sure that current employees interested in transferring to your vacant position meet the minimum requirements listed in your position description and posting notice. If you have a person from your department who might not stack up as ?most competitive,? but meets the minimums, HR will refer that person. Applicants interested in clerical positions must have successfully completed the battery of clerical tests. Scores are on file for anyone taking the test since June 1998.

The recruiter will work with you?the hiring supervisor?to determine how many top-qualified candidates to refer. If any employees wishing to transfer to your vacancy don?t meet your minimums or expect salaries that are out of line with your position, the recruiter will help you sort through these issues, too. Ultimately, the recruiter will refer the individuals who best meet your criteria.

About those interesting break room contacts?.

Sometimes a person thinking about a transfer will stop you in the break room after you have received your list of candidates. Hmmm?you are interested, but you?ve told your recruiter that you were happy with the list of prospects you received.

This is just one example of the many hiring scenarios that can happen during a typical vacancy transaction. So, pick up the telephone and give your recruiter a call. First you?ll talk about whether the position is still advertised on the posting list. If so, additional referrals can be made. The internal applicant should file a resume and make a referral request as normal. As long as the individual meets the minimum requirements listed in your posting documentation, the recruiter can formally send the person?s credentials to you for consideration.

Coaching for another team

Supervisors often act as coach to individuals in their work group who are seeking advice in moving along in their careers. The information provided in this article will help us all work through the employment process as smoothly and as effectively as possible.

- Susan Davis

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