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LeadingEdition: E-Newsletter for Purdue University Supervisors

LeadingEdition: E-newsletter for Purdue University Supervisors

Take it easy: Call Purdue Temporary Staffing for temps

Need a hand for the peak customer service time in your office? Dealing with an absence due to a leave? Staffing on an interim basis while your department deals with a transition? Turn to Purdue Temporary Staffing for help with filling short-term employment needs in your area.

Leave the recruiting, payroll changes, I-9 verification, and campus orientation to Human Resource Services (HRS). The West Lafayette Employment team offers a temp service intended to simplify the lives of both supervisors and temporary employees by matching short-term jobs to applicants interested in flexible and limited term assignments.

�It�s really a win-win situation when we are able to link good applicants to hiring departments quickly and efficiently,� says Julie Cory, the employment assistant responsible for Purdue Temporary Staffing. The pool of workers is varied; some are retirees interested in occasional assignments while others are new graduates making an entrance to the workforce and learning skills useful for future employment.

What is Purdue Temporary Staffing?

Purdue Temporary Staffing is a mini temp agency. Specializing in commonly requested temporary assignments such as receptionist, secretary, clerk, custodian, or food service worker, it is an employment service tailored to Purdue University. Other types of assignments can be requested; Julie will search for workers with the skills, knowledge, and schedule to match.

Why would a supervisor use Purdue Temporary Staffing?

Quality candidates. Applicants interested in temporary work are invited to HRS for a screening interview. Workers interested in clerical positions take the standard battery of clerical tests. Candidates receive basic information about the University and complete paperwork required to put them on the payroll (I-9 and Form 13). With a good sense of the worker�s experience, employment goals, and abilities, the Purdue Temporary Staffing coordinator can quickly and knowledgably respond to the needs of a hiring department.

Simple and Cost Effective. To initiate an assignment, the supervisor calls or e-mails the Purdue Temporary Staffing coordinator and describes the type of work required, the start date, and the duration of the assignment. HRS contacts the temporary worker, makes certain the payroll arrangements are in place, and then monitors the placement. The department pays the cost of the temporary�s wages, but no overhead or service fee is assessed.

There are no contracts or minimum usage conditions. Departments may employ a Purdue Temporary Staffing employee for one day or several months.

Purdue Temporary Staffing benefits the University, too

Purdue Temporary Staffing is a good way for people to join the workforce, whether they�re beginning their careers or returning after a break. As a member of the temporary employment pool, workers gain experience in different departments and learn about the variety of work environments existing at the University. Workers are exposed to Purdue policies and procedures and pick up skills and experience useful to them in subsequent employment searches. Purdue often benefits by attracting and retaining talented staff through an initial employment with Purdue Temporary Staffing.

Retirees and partners of Purdue staff who desire the flexibility of occasional or seasonal work are able to maintain ties with the University through temporary assignments. Workers with years of experience and some very useful knowledge of the University are valued in the Purdue Temporary Staffing ranks.


Use of Purdue Temporary Staffing staff is not required. Departments may employ individuals on a temporary basis as outlined in Business Office Memorandum No. 66 and No. 154. For more details about the policies and procedures to follow in selecting and employing short-term staff, see the Temporary Staffing Issues article in this LeadingEdition.

- Susan Davis
HRIS Manager

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