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Leave Guide Tool

This provides information about the continuation of benefit programs for individuals employed in regular faculty and staff positions. Temporary, graduate student and undergrad student positions are not included.

Costs of fringe benefits provided during leave of absence are charged to the employing organizational units.

Understanding the chart results:

  • CUL means Capacity Utilization Level and may also be known as Full Time-Equivalent (FTE). Generally, a full time (2080 hour per year) position is 100% CUL.
  • "Annual Rate'' includes the benefit coverage and any premium or fringe benefit charge associated with it, is based on Annual Budgeted Rate
  • "Eligible Earnings" relates to retirement benefits and means contributions vary with actual pay
  • "Full Time Annual Rate" relates to retirement benefits and means the contributions are based on a full- time annual rate and not based on actual pay.

For more complete description of the leaves listed, see https://www.purdue.edu/hr/Benefits/leaves.html

Before the leave is requested, what is the current/budgeted CUL rate?
Does this leave require a short term reduction
in the normal CUL?
What is the temporary change
in CUL/duration?