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Supervisor Resources

As a supervisor, leading others during a pandemic can be stressful. Please review the following resources, to help you and your team work successfully.

  1. Review the Protect Purdue Pledge with your team.
  2. Understand the requirements of wearing face masks while on campus and face shields, when needed.
  3. Contact the PPHC if you are experiencing symptoms.
  4. Visit the Protect Purdue website.
  5. If your employee is working remotely, review the remote work assessment and have them complete the Remote Work Acknowledgement Form.
    1. The employee and supervisor should review the responsibilities and expectations for remote work. The employee should complete the Property Off Campus form to acknowledge any University-owned equipment that has been moved off campus. Business offices and supervisors should review the Tracking University Owned Assets for Remote Work Use process.
    2. The Manager Toolkit outlines how to lead individuals and/or teams that are working remotely. There are several resource pages, outlining LinkedIn Resources. The Leading Individuals - Resources web page lists both supervisor and employee available resources.
    3. The supervisor or supporting payroll center can update the employee's position location to reflect the curent status, such as 100% remote or hybrid. Payroll centers can reference the Location Status Changes Quick Reference Guide.
  6. Review and/or contact Talent Acquisition to utilize the Talent Sharing program