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Center for Healthy Living Workshops

Workshops provided by the Center for Healthy Living (and Purdue Extension) are free to all benefits-eligible faculty and staff and dependents covered on a Purdue medical plan. Registration for all workshops can be done via the Healthy Boiler portal or by calling the Center for Healthy Living at 765-494-0111. All registrations are due by the day before the event’s start date. *Programs administered by Purdue Extension have a separate number to call for registration.

Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP)

April 16 – June 20, Tues. and Thurs. (twice weekly), location and time

The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is a Lifestyle Medicine Education Program which focuses on whole-person health! CHIP is facilitated over 18 sessions in a group environment with dynamic group discussions and peer support. The program integrates optimal nutrition, exercise and behavioral psychology principles and tools. You will get a pre and post health-risk assessment, a comprehensive toolkit, help with cooking, food prep, exercise, online program content and much more!  CHIP can help you by significantly reducing the common risk factors for lifestyle diseases (such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure) and improve your health knowledge, energy, desire to exercise, resilience and life fulfilment. 


April 4, 3:15-4 p.m., location TBD

Food you grow at home is the freshest (and possibly the most nutritious) food you can possibly eat. You don’t need a spacious garden or a green thumb to grow your own produce. Learn some gardening basics and get inspiration for your own garden.


May 1, 2-3 p.m., location TBD

The sun has the ability to positively influence our lives in many ways.  It helps release serotonin (our “feel good hormone”), helps with the production of Vitamin D, and just makes us feel good. In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we will discuss important factors to take into consideration when spending time in the outdoors.


May 15, Noon-1 p.m., location TBD

Do you find yourself wondering how you managed to accumulate so much “stuff”? Has minimalism been on your mind? What’s the problem with clutter? Everyone has their ideal level of simplicity, but there are some benefits to living a decluttered lifestyle. Learn about the importance of letting things go, and how minimizing can contribute to stress management.


May 8, 12:10-12:50 p.m., location TBD

Are you interested in knowing more about products on the market to help you quit smoking? Learn what they are, how they work and see examples in this class, which counts as one of four required sessions needed for reimbursement.


June 11 – August 6 , 3:30-5 p.m., CHL Conference Room

Are you pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes? Do you want to better understand type 2 diabetes and how it affects your body? This 8-week program will explain what type 2 diabetes is and the role nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management can influence your blood glucose levels. Eligible participants will be given a glucose meter with supplies to check their blood glucose levels.


June 12, 12:10-12:50 p.m. , CoRec – Wellness Conference Room

Humans are psychologically hardwired for homeostasis or consistency (just like physiological homeostasis).  In a lifestyle where we may feel socially obligated to seem and behave one way at work, another way at a sports game and yet another way at home, challenges arise. This can also make big life events especially challenging.  We will explore strategies to achieve consistency and to handle inconsistencies in a healthy manner.


June 19, Noon–1 p.m., location TBD

Looking for a memory boost? Many factors contribute to feeling forgetful, but there’s no doubt that our everyday choices, including what we eat, play a major role in brain health. Come learn about the lifestyle changes you can make boost memory and brain function!

Get WalkIN (virtual)

July 1 – September 30

Helping Hoosiers get on their feet! Want to improve your health … but short on time or lacking motivation? This FREE, email-based walking program has you covered! Sign up, walk and get emailed support. Walking helps to reduce risk of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It also can make you feel more energized, and is a great way to add daily physical activity into your schedule. You will receive a total of 16 emails- two per week for the first month, and one per week for the remaining eight weeks.

Be Active at Work

July 16, 12:10-12:50 p.m., location TBD  

No time to exercise? Did you know there are exercises you can do at work? Come and participate in an active workshop on exercises you can do at your desk. Join the discussion on ways to move more throughout the day without leaving your building.