Counseling and referral services

Behavioral health counselors offer confidential and professional on-site counseling and referral services to benefits-eligible employees. They also provide service to dependents covered on a Purdue medical plan. Employees are entitled to go to the first appointment in paid status. All other appointments are to be taken as either sick leave or vacation.

Behavioral health counselors are available to help employees address a wide range of issues, whether they relate to an employee's personal life, family or job. Some examples include:

  • Marriage or adult relationships
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Stress (work-related, anxiety, self-esteem issues)
  • Depression
  • Problem drinking and drug abuse
  • Elder caregiving
  • Adjustment following divorce
  • Anxiety and panic disorders
  • Single parenting concerns
  • Other personal problems that affect work-life
  • Drug/alcohol assessments
  • Grief and loss issues

Behavioral health counselors are located at the Center for Healthy Living (CHL) in the Purdue West Shopping Center, 1400 W. State Street. Appointments are available most Mondays through Fridays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 49-40111. You can also schedule an appointment through the Center for Healthy Living portal. Employees seeking immediate after‑hours assistance may contact the Crisis Center at 765‑742‑0244 or 765‑423‑2255.

All behavioral health services are confidential and free of charge. Some cost may be involved if you are referred to another agency or resource; these costs will be discussed on an individual basis. If your presenting problem is covered by your Purdue medical plan, you will be referred to a provider in your plan network.

Meet your behavioral health counselors.

What to expect

When you visit the Center for Healthy Living, you will meet with an experienced, licensed mental health professional who will provide a free, confidential and individualized problem assessment. Following the assessment, you and the counselor will develop an action plan to help improve the problem.

If it is determined by you and your counselor that ongoing, long-term service or treatment is needed, you may be referred to a provider covered by your Purdue medical plan or to a local resource or agency.


All information gathered in counseling, including the fact that you have come to the Center for Healthy Living, will be kept confidential, in compliance with professional ethical codes and state and federal laws.

Services at the CHL comply with current federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. Please refer to the Notice of Privacy Practices or detailed information about client rights under HIPAA. Exceptions to these guidelines are:

  • Instances in which there is imminent danger of serious harm to you or to others because of your actions and
  • Information from you that child abuse or other dependent abuse is occurring either by you or someone you know.

Behavioral health counselors must reveal information to prevent harms of these types.