Your finances need a wellness check, too – Fidelity can help

Have you reviewed your financial situation lately? How are your retirement savings doing?

Just as you devote time to tend to your body and mind, your finances also should have an occasional – or routine -- check-up. It only takes a few minutes to see what you are doing right with your financial situation, and where you might want to devote a little more attention. By answering a handful of easy questions, Fidelity can provide you with a personal action plan for improving your financial wellness. Your unique action plan includes what to tackle first and tips to help you along the way. Don’t delay, get started with your financial checkup now.

Fidelity, Purdue’s official provider of education, guidance and assistance related to retirement plan investments and decisions, provides many resources to help you become financially fit allowing you to save more for the long-term goal of retirement. The Fidelity Investor Center located in the Purdue Memorial Union provides retirement planners available at no cost to Purdue faculty and staff. Similar to a financial wellness health coach, the retirement planners are equipped to help you plan for and make decisions to enhance your financial well-being and retirement readiness.

Make an appointment to review the results of your personal action plan – and get on the path to maximizing your financial and retirement savings.

The campus office is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. To make an appointment, call 800-642-7131 or schedule online.  To contact the West Lafayette office directly, call 800-544-6868.