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Tina Hodson

Tina Hodson

Administrative Assistant

Length of time at CHL:
Before coming to the CHL in 2012 (I came to the CHL when Purdue first opened the employee clinic), I actually worked for Purdue University’s WorkLife Programs which included dieticians, health coaches and EAP counselors for 5 years.

What attracted you to your position at the CHL?
It seemed a good fit for me having come from the WorkLife programs where we counseled employees and their family members on changing their lifestyles to be healthier. Also, it had the added benefit of being medically based for me to add that to my customer service knowledge.

Why do you like working at the CHL?
I enjoy people. Every job I’ve had in my career has been customer-service based in one way or another, and this has always been a satisfying part of my job.

Philosophy of Care:
Many times when dealing with patients at the front desk, whether face-to-face or on the phone, they are not feeling well or have been up with a sick family member. My job is to assure them that we can get them seen as soon as possible and get them on their way to feeling better.

What do you like to do when you’re not at the CHL?:
I love to read all genres of books, enjoy creating new recipes and working in my flower gardens.

Fun fact about me:
I’ve been happily married a long, long time to my high school sweetheart; we have one daughter who is currently a Purdue employee and two schnauzers who my husband and I laugh at their antics all the time!!