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Ashley Byrd

Strategic Accounts Manager

Educational History:
Purdue University 2008-2013
Majored in Health and Fitness

Length of time at CHL:
Before coming to the CHL in July 2017, I spent four years working for Verve Health, an Indianapolis-based health and wellness company. I served in several different roles during my time at Verve, which allowed me to gain diverse experience in the health and wellness industry, as well as office and people management, customer service, recruiting, training, employee relations, benefits and operational support.

What attracted you to your position at the CHL?
I began searching for a health/wellness job in Lafayette after my husband accepted a position with Purdue in June 2017. I wanted to continue working for a company that helped people improve their health and have a position that would challenge me and allow me to grow professionally. The position with One to One Health at the CHL was the absolute perfect fit for me.

Why do you like working at the CHL?
I love that my position allows me to work closely with Purdue and other partners to help grow Purdue’s health and wellness offerings at the CHL and across all of Purdue’s campuses. I also get to work alongside the most incredible team of medical professionals at the CHL! Everyone is truly passionate about improving the health of others and all strive to provide the best patient-focused care.

And it is so amazing to work at my alma mater! HAIL PURDUE!

Philosophy of care:
In my role, I don’t interact with patients on a day-to-day basis, but when I do, I always treat every patient with kindness, respect and professionalism. I believe in putting the patient first and providing the highest quality care I can because great things happen when you take really good care of people.

What do you like to do when you’re not at the CHL?
I am extremely close with my family and in-laws so I try and spend time with them as often as possible. I also love enjoying a nice glass of red wine, attending or watching sporting events, reading a good book that I can’t put down, walking down all of the aisles in Hobby Lobby (usually more than once), binge watching shows with my husband and ALL things Purdue.

Fun fact about me:
Both my husband and I were athletes at Purdue. I was a cheerleader (2008, 2011-2012) and my husband, D.J., played on the men’s basketball team (2009-2013).