Internal Prices

Instrument /OperationCodeAssay/PrepInternal
HiSeq Rapid ChemistyHS.R.PE150Paired-end 150 base reads$2591
HS.R.PE100Paired-end 100 base reads$1993
HS.R.PE50Paired-end 50 base reads$1454
HS.R.SR150Single-read 150 base read$1511
HS.R.SR100Single-read 100 base read$1222
HS.R.SR50Single-read 50 base read$897
HiSeq High Output ChemHS.HO.PE100Paired-end 100 base reads$2351
HS.HO.PE50Paired-end 50 base reads$1640
HS.HO.SR100Single-read 100 base read$1385
HS.HO.SR50Single-read 50 base read$1008
HS.HO.Dualdual barcode surcharge$299
MiSeqMS.50Single-read 50 base read$1173
MS.300Paired-end 150 base reads$1486
MS.150Paired-end 75 base reads$1353
MS.500Paired-end 250 base reads$1669
MS.600Paired-end 300 base reads$2293
MS.u300Paired-end 150 base reads$1329
MS.n300Paired-end 150 base reads$1051
MS.n500Paired-end 250 base reads$1241
Agilent Bioanalyzer DNAAg.D.HSHigh Sensitivity$9.07
Ag.D.10001000 bp$6.84
Ag.D.75007500 bp$6.84
Ag.D.1200012000 bp$6.84
Agilent Bioanalyzer RNAAg.R.nNano RNA$6.73
Ag.R.pPico RNA$7.17
Ag.R.SSmall RNA$8.22
Library ConstructionLD.NanoNano$105
LD.MeDIPMeDIP prep$116
LD.ME.NoGelMate End lib prep, no gel$149
LD.ME.GelMate End lib prep, gel$427
LD.ME.16Mate End lib prep, big insert$427
LR.pAcDNA lib, polyA$147
LR.RZ.AnimalcDNA lib, ribo deplete, animal$215
LR.RZ.PlantcDNA lib, ribo deplete, plant$223
LR.SmallcDNA lib, small RNA$193
3730XL37.1.LTLSingle reads from a DNA sample$6.13
37.1.FLSingle read from cleaned-up reaction$1.96
37.96.HTL96 reads from DNA preps.$156
37.96.SFL96 reads from cleaned-up reactions$59
37.384.HTL384 reads from DNA preps.$548
37.384.XFL384 reads from cleaned-up reactions$240
SpeedVacSVacConcentrate Sample$4.45
Gel IsolationGelPrepPer band isolated$12.03
xNA purifyAmpureAmpure cut$1.03
Agarose GelGelAUp to 48 samples$44
UVNanoDropUV.NDNanodrop UV spec$0.76
FluorNanodropF.NDFluorimetric conc. Determination$2.57
qPCRqPCRKAPA library titration$5.9
DNA clean-upDNA.CUZymo Genomic DNA clean-up$5.46
RNA clean-upRNA.CUZymo RNA clean-up$5.48
RNA DNAseRNA.DaseZymo DNAse Treatment$4.87
RNA RnasinRNA.RinRNAse inhibitor$1.68
DNA RNAseDNA.RRNA "Ribocruncher" Treatment$3.09
DNA CovarisDNA.ShCovaris "AFA" shearing$7.67
Data StorageStore.TB1 TB for one year$381
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