Student Experiences

As an undergraduate in HHS, you’ll have the chance to change lives with interdisciplinary research. You’ll work alongside faculty and classmates to improve health and enhance quality of life while pursuing exciting research topics related to your interests.


Geoff Ryan, senior in Health Sciences, conducts groundbreaking undergraduate research in toxicology with Dr. Jennifer Freeman. Dr. Freeman was the 2014 recipient of the Exceptional Early Career Teaching Award at Purdue University and the HHS Early Career Research Achievement Award.

Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research (JPUR)

Educational research suggests that undergraduate and professional student research is one of the practices that contributes to student retention and engagement, a proven and powerful practice for enhancing educational outcomes and expanding frontiers of knowledge. There is a vibrant culture of undergraduate and professional student research at Purdue with almost 2,000 research projects completed every year. An emphasis on experiential learning and the real-world application of knowledge are two distinguishing characteristics of the Purdue student experience.

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