A Guide for College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) Faculty Interested in Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers

How to recruit/advertise undergraduate research opportunities

  1. Participate in the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) research roundtable held each fall. This event brings undergraduate research mentors and programs seeking applicants together with students seeking opportunities to learn more about available opportunities. This event is similar to a job/career fair with all colleges and schools invited to attend.
  2. Advertise in the HHS Undergraduate Career Newsletter. This newsletter is maintained by the HHS Career Development team and provides a way for alumni, companies and others to connect with our current students. Contact Stephanie Farlow at careers@purdue.edu with questions.
  3. Use OURConnect. OURConnect is designed to connect undergraduates with research mentors with open opportunities. If you have any questions about the OURConnect system, email ourconnect@purdue.edu
  4. Participate in an Established Purdue Undergraduate Research Program. A few such programs include:
    1. HHS OUR Scholars. HHS participates in the OUR Scholars program which is a research scholarship program that recognizes undergraduate student engagement in original research or scholarship under the guidance of a Purdue faculty member or approved mentor. These annual, non-renewable, academic scholarships ($1,000 distributed as $500 per semester) are funded equally by OUR and HHS. The applications window for this program is typically in March.  
    2. Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Program. Purdue’s LSAMP is aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of students successfully completing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) baccalaureate degree programs. The program’s goal is to increase the number of students interested in, academically qualified for and matriculated into programs of graduate study. There are several different types of opportunities and supports available through this program.
    3. First-Year Undergraduate Research Program. This academic-year experience supports new Boilermakers in learning about undergraduate research, how to prepare for a mentored research experience, and why the research experience is beneficial while at Purdue and after graduation. This program is coordinated by the OUR. Application review starts in mid-November and continues until the program is full.
    4. Purdue Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program (SURF). SURF is an opportunity for undergraduate students to participate in research activities on the Purdue campus during an 11-week program in the summer. This program pays the students for their work, and it includes professional development seminars, social activities, networking opportunities, and a symposium for the students to present their final work. The application window is typically mid-January to mid-February each year.
    5. Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship Program (DURI). DURI is a program where faculty propose projects that engage undergraduates to investigate problems in global security, global health and global sustainability (applications typically due in mid-October each year). Once the faculty-led projects are chosen, undergraduate students that have an opportunity to apply to work on these projects (applications typically due late-October to early November each year). Students earn a $1,000 fellowship for participating in the Spring semester program.
    6. Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP). The SROP program is designed to provide equal access and opportunities to underrepresented and diverse students by preparing students for Graduate School by offering an eight-week-long intensive research experience, and graduate school resources that contributes to student's professional and academic growth. The application portal is typically from November to February each year. This opportunity is typically shared via the director of graduate studies in your department, please contact them if you have questions.
    7. Summer Stay Scholars.   Summer Stay Scholars is an on-campus summer scholarship program for undergraduate students at Purdue University that combines coursework with a research or internship experience and is offered through Think Summer. Students who are selected for Summer Stay Scholars receive up to $2,500 toward estimated summer cost of attendance not already covered by other gift aid. A $2,500 scholarship would cover tuition for a resident student and offer a sizeable decrease for non-resident/international students. The application for students typically opens in early December.
  5. Develop a Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CUREs). CUREs enable single instructors to involve large numbers of students in the excitement of cutting-edge research projects, providing them with necessary research-skill development and more fully engaging them in coursework.
  6. Advertise research opportunities within your research group to students in your classes.
  7. Advertise research opportunities to students in undergraduate clubs in disciplines related to your work.

How to document/support/incentivize undergraduate researchers

  1. Pay hourly.
  2. Provide credit through a course.
  3. Provide stipend/scholarship or acknowledgement through an established undergraduate research program (several listed above).

Resources for undergraduate researchers that work with you:

  1. Office of Undergraduate Research. The OUR coordinates efforts across campus, provides centralized support, and maintains an information portal to connect all stakeholders with undergraduate research experience activities. The OUR conducts formal and informal training, which helps students to develop skills that enhance their research experience, deepen their understanding of disciplinary material, and increase their value to graduate programs and future employers.
  2. Purdue Scholarships and Awards. Purdue has several scholarship, grant and award opportunities for undergraduate students interested in engaging in research. These awards include research and travel grants.
  3. Opportunities to Present Undergraduate Research on campus
    1. Undergraduate Research Conferences. Purdue hosts several expos, symposiums and conferences on campus. The OUR has a list of many of these opportunities but also check different centers and units on campus for additional opportunities.
    2. Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research (JPUR). The Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research has been established to publish outstanding research papers written by Purdue undergraduates from all disciplines who have completed faculty-mentored research projects. As an Open Access journal, JPUR does not charge readers or their institutions for access. For each volume, the deadline for submissions is typically in February.
    3. Undergraduate Research Seminar Series. The OUR provides a series of seminars for undergraduates to assist them in learning what researchers are seeking, how they can approach potential research mentors and how they should prepare for engaging in an undergraduate research project.