Undergraduate Research

Experience a change of pace from formal classroom activities and gain skills applicable to both research and non-research careers. Studies show that students who engage in research are twice as likely to graduate, five-times more likely to go on to graduate school, and have more successful careers after graduation.

Visitor Harassment

Studying Visitor Harassment Around the World

During the Fall 2017 semester researchers in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management embarked on an ambitious project looking at visitor harassment across the world. The goal of the project was ascertain locations where significant visitor harassment has been reported and determine whether geographic patterns could be detected. Six students worked on the project, one doctoral student and five undergraduate students. Shewta Singh, the doctoral student, and undergraduate students Áine Morris, Sara Cantu, Conor Martin, and Xinyi Zhou all from the School of Hospitality & Tourism Management.  Jack Ryan, an undergraduate student from Exploratory Studies, also worked alongside the team.

On Friday December 1, 2017 members of the visitor harassment research team attended the School of Hospitality & Tourism Colloquium Series. The title of the presentation was “Curbing Negative Visitor Harassment: Jamaica’s Struggle” and the presenter was the lead researcher in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management’s Visitor Harassment Research Unit, Dr. Annmarie Nicely.  Members of the research circle in attendance included undergraduate students: Xinyi Zhou (HTM), Áine Morris (HTM), Conor Martin (HTM), and Jack Ryan (Exploratory Studies).

VH Team

VH Team Picture: Fall 2017 closing meeting for the Visitor Harassment Research Team. L-R: Dr. Annmarie Nicely (HTM faculty-standing), Áine Morris (HTM- Exchange Student from Ireland-US back), Sara Cantu (HTM-US), Conor Martin (HTM-Exchange Student from Ireland-US), Jack Ryan (Exploratory Studies -US), Xinyi Zhou (HTM-US), Shweta Singh (HTM-Doctoral Student). "US" means undergraduate student.

VH Team

Tourism Colloquium Picture: Undergraduate students involved in visitor harassment research participate in the School's Hospitality & Tourism Research Colloquium Series last fall. L-R: Xinyi Zhou, Áine Morris, Conor Martin and Jack Ryan (Exploratory Studies - the only non-HTM student).