The HHS Strategic Plan will inspire and challenge us.

2020-2030 HHS Strategic Plan

It will help us stay focused on achieving our aspirational goals.

As the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) prepares to celebrate its 10th Anniversary on July 1, 2020, we are working on a strategic plan that will lead us into 2030.

Our planning evolves around seven aspirational Strategic Themes. Through Working Groups comprised of faculty, staff, students and alumni, we will envision what we would like to become in 10 years, strategies to reach those goals, and how we will measure our success.

We believe effective strategic planning comes from broad collaboration. We invite you to share with us your ideas for the future of HHS. Tell us what you think about our Strategic Themes. What strategies should we take to achieve our long-term goals? Do you have additional aspirations for HHS? We are eager to hear your thoughts.

We see tremendous opportunity for the College of Health and Human Sciences to become a national leader in enhancing human health and well-being at every stage of the lifespan. Thank you for helping us plan for a bright and exciting future!