LINK – Leveraging Interests and Nurturing Knowledge

What is the LINK project about? 

Learning new words can seem really easy, especially when many children do this so effortlessly. In reality, it is a very complex skill that we often take for granted. Our research team’s goal is to figure out how we can help all children learn new words successfully.

Why participate in this project?

Children learn words most easily when their classrooms are quiet and teachers use language in the same way that children do. In reality, most classrooms are not like this (and this is completely normal)!  Classrooms should be full of excitement and overflowing with different ways of using language to communicate our thoughts and ideas. Our team’s goal is to understand the science behind word learning and find strategies that help children take on this difficult task, especially in classroom environments that mirror their everyday experiences. We need your help to do this!

Who can participate?

Children between the ages of 4-10 years old who do not have delays in development and primarily hear and speak English at home. SIGN UP to participate in this paid research opportunity. Receive $55 for your child’s participation and a free language and hearing screening for your child.

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