Research Insights

Our researchers are often invited to share their discoveries with an audience. Below you’ll find videos of HHS scientists discussing their research.

Developmental Health and Wellness

Illusions of Learning from Watching Educational Videos
Jeffrey Karpicke, Department of Psychological Sciences

Sleep in Individuals with Autism and Their Families
Presented by AJ Schwichtenberg, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Teens, Digital Communication and the Perils of Lurking Online
Marion K. Underwood, Department of Psychological Sciences

Healthy Lifestyles and Vital Longevity

A Community-based Approach to Combat Indiana's High Obesity Rate
Co-presented by Angela Abbott, Purdue University Health and Human Sciences Extension, and Tim Gavin, Department of Health and Kinesiology

A Lifestyle for the Ages
Co- Presented by Regan Bailey, Department of Nutrition Science, and Libby Richards, School of Nursing

Inside the Purdue Lab Focused on SPIT
Presented by BTN Live Big and featuring Cordelia Running, Department of Nutrition Science

Time to Dump Your Diet Drinks? Some Not-so-Sweet Effects of Sweeteners
Presented by Susan E. Swithers, Department of Psychological Sciences

Sustainable Organizations and Thriving Communities

Advancing the Measurement of Subjective Well-Being
Louis Tay, Department of Psychological Sciences 

How to Avoid Pushy Salespeople on Your Next Vacation
Presented by Annmarie Nicely, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management