Healthcare Leadership Graduate Certificate (Online)

Learn organizational management and leadership principles in healthcare administration

Healthcare needs leaders who have the acumen to guide a constantly disrupted healthcare industry — from shifting government regulation and technological innovations to market trends and changing landscape.  

This certificate is meant for business-minded leaders who wish to advance their skills in the best practices of economics, marketing, management and strategy for organizational success and optimal performance. The program reinforces the theory and application of healthcare management grounded in a business framework. You will have the opportunity to network with and learn from faculty with industry knowledge.

The learning outcomes are:

  • Identify the main components and issues of organizational, financing and delivery of health services and health systems in the United States.
  • Apply principles of strategic communication and marketing to healthcare services.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills by supporting individuals and teams through coaching and mentoring to improve human capital.
  • Understand current health systems and how they support administrative and clinical performance.
  • Recognize the potential of these systems and advocate their utilization.


Master's Degrees

Students can transfer their credits from the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership to the Master of Health Administration degree.