MS and PhD Competencies

Upon completion of their degree, students will be able to:


Public Health Conceptual Knowledge 

Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of current issues and debates in public health  X


Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of theoretical, multidisciplinary concepts relevant to public health  X X
Incorporate knowledge of cultural, social, behavioral, and biological factors in formulating and implementing public health research or practice  X X
Analyze a particular public health issue including appropriate measures of prevalence, incidence, association and impact and be able to identify data sources and strengths and limitations of studies  X X


Critically analyze research for appropriateness of study design, sample, measures, data analysis, results, interpretation and dissemination  X


Demonstrate critical thinking skills necessary for formulating research questions, identifying theory to frame research questions, and identify and employ appropriate methodologies for addressing a public health research question  X X
Demonstrate understanding of principles and guidelines associated with responsible conduct of research  X X
Design and conduct original research in public health  X

Communication and Professional Development 

Develop professional skills in scientific writing and oral communication  X X
Disseminate effective and substantive public health-related research through presentations and publications  X X