Admissions & Deadlines

Admission Requirements 

Eligibility requirements for MS and PhD degrees  

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution 
  • Obtained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or equivalent (A=4.0) in the most recent undergraduate, graduate or professional degree 
  • Satisfactory English Proficiency Score (for non-native English speaking international applicants) 
  • Paid the Graduate School Application Fee  

Completed applications include:

  • Official, original transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended1
  • Three letters of recommendation, at least two from individuals holding doctoral level degrees highly encouraged2
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Statement of Purpose (approximately 500 words)3
  • Diversity essay (approximately 500 words)4

1Applicants who have not earned a degree at the time of application submission will be required to submit an official transcript upon completion of their undergraduate degree. The final official transcript should indicate the degree earned and the date of conferral. 

2Recommenders must be able to provide an unbiased critical assessment of the applicant’s academic, professional and scholarly ability and potentialApplicants should not request letters from individuals who would have an objective conflict of interest (e.g., friends and family). 

3The statement of purpose should clearly and succinctly state the reason for seeking graduate study in Public Health at Purdue University, and include career goals and research interests. Information about unique circumstances, special abilities, awards, achievements, scholarly publications, or professional history that are relevant to the admission decision may also be included. 

4The diversity essay is used in selecting nominations for specific fellowships. It is not used in determining admission into a program. Only applicants who graduated from a U.S. high school are potential recipients of these fellowships.  

Application Deadlines 






December 15 

Special Cases Only 

Special Cases Only 

U.S. Citizen 

December 15 

Special Cases Only 

Special Cases Only