Apply Now!

Before you initiate an application, review the application process below.  

  • Review the admission requirements for the MS and PhD degrees in Public Health to determine that all minimum requirements are met prior to applying. Please pay close attention to submission deadlines and criteria.  
  • If all minimum requirements are met, complete and submit the electronic application to the Graduate School. All required documents must be submitted electronically through the electronic application system.  
  • Once all required documents are received, your application file will be submitted to the Public Health Graduate Committee for review.  
  • Your application will be reviewed by the Public Health Graduate Committee and then by the full faculty. Approved applications will also be reviewed for awarding available graduate assistantships.   
  • When a faculty member finds a student with whom they feel is a good fit for their research area and lab, or the department views the applicant as having background and experience coinciding with emerging teaching needs, the Public Health Graduate Program Coordinator will be asked to prepare an assistantship offer letter that will be sent to the applicant.  

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