Message from the Head

The Department of Public Health at Purdue University is dedicated to training individuals with a passion to help others through science-based approaches. Our faculty, students and alumni tackle challenges affecting the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities. They work as educators, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to promote health locally, nationally and globally. We offer a traditional four-year Bachelors of Science (BS) degree in public health as well as a combined degree (BS + MPH) option that may be completed in 5 years.  Our MPH degree is CEPH accredited.  Graduate students may pursue a traditional stand-alone MPH (residential, online or hybrid (a mix of campus and online courses)), MS, PhD or a dual-degree (MS or PhD + MPH).  All graduate level degrees emphasize training in core disciplines, and residential MPH students choose a concentration of family and community health; epidemiology or biostatistics.  Additionally, all undergraduate and MPH students complete a practicum to gain real-world work experience in a public health setting.  The Department has particular research strengths in women’s health and health disparities, but research training is available in multiple areas.  Graduates of Purdue University’s Department of Public Health are positioned to be successful leaders in the public health arena. I hope you will join us.


Richard Mattes
Head, Department of Public Health