Technology and Measurement Around the Globe is organized by faculty and graduate students from Purdue University’s Department of Psychological Sciences.


Sang Eun Woo

Dr. Sang Eun Woo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University. Sang’s substantive research so far has focused on how people’s personality and motivation can help explain various psychological phenomena in the workplace. Her focal expertise lies in developing and validating techniques of measuring individual differences for various organizational and educational purposes, as well as in clarifying the theoretical underpinnings and implications of such techniques. Sang actively contributes to the international community of psychology and social sciences more broadly. To learn more about her work, visit

Tara Behrend

Dr. Tara Behrend is an Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University and director of the Workplaces and Virtual Environments Lab. She is an expert in workplace technology use in the areas assessment, training, performance measurement, and decision-making. She works with a broad range of public and private organizations worldwide.  Her work is multidisciplinary and has been published in psychology, education, and technology journals. She is a Fellow of the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology and a member of its Executive Board.

Louis Tay

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Dr. Louis Tay is the William C. Byham Associate Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Purdue University. He is a co-editor of the books “Handbook of Well-Being” and “Big Data in Psychological Research.” His research interests are in well-being, interests, measurement, and data science. He is the founder of the tech-startup ExpiWell ( that advances the science and capture of daily life experiences.




Louis Hickman

Louis Hickman is a PhD Candidate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Purdue University and holds his M.S. in Computer and Information Technology specializing in Natural Language Processing. His research focuses on questions surrounding the reliability, validity, and impacts of using machine learning for measurement and assessment at work, as described in a recent APA Interview. He was recently awarded a SHRM Foundation Dissertation grant for his proposed dissertation, Algorithmic Cognitive Ability Prediction in Video Interviews.

Jerod White

Jerod White is a PhD Student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Purdue University. He obtained a B.S. in Psychology at The Pennsylvania State University and attended George Washington University’s I-O Psychology PhD program before joining Purdue. His research broadly centers around the psychological effects of workplace technologies, with a special focus on the selection and performance management of workers. To learn more about his work, visit or find him on LinkedIn.