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Christopher Wiese

Post-Doctoral ResearcherIndustrial-Organizational Psychology

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Department of Psychological Sciences
Purdue University
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West Lafayette, IN 47907-2081 USA

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Psychological Sciences, Room 1244


Degree: Ph.D. University of Central Florida, 2015

Research Interests:

I have two substantive areas of research which are tied together through my quantitative interests. The first substantive area focuses on furthering our understanding of well-being within the workplace. Within this stream of research, I am developing an integrative conceptualization of worker well-being and examining crucial activities and processes which enhance well-being. Specifically, I am interested in expanding our conceptualization of worker well-being drawing from different streams of research including organizational psychology, occupational health, social psychology, and positive psychology. Using this integrative conceptualization, I seek to understand the activities and processes that facilitate well-being. My current research focuses on leisure activities, prosocial behaviors, and self-control.

My second substantive research area focuses on team dynamics, specifically, understanding the role of team learning in an ever-increasingly information-laden organization. The value of teams comes from their ability to come together quickly and adapt to changing circumstances in order to meet organizational demands. If teams are unable to learn effectively, they will fail at both these conditions. However, there has not been clarity on how different types of team learning can lead to positive outcomes. This is because the term team learning has been used to refer to a) cognitive shifts, b) behavioral processes, and c) performance improvements, all of which are components of a team learning model. Presently, I am working on projects that synthesize what is currently known about team learning in the organizational sciences.

These two substantive research areas are undergirded by my third stream of research on advanced quantitative methodology. Over the course of several projects, I have developed expertise in non-linear modeling, temporal modeling, and meta-analysis which has assisted me in answering many of my substantive research questions.


Wiese, C. W., Su, R., Tay, L., Diener, E (in press). Measuring Thriving Across Nations: Measurement Equivalence of the Comprehensive Inventory of Thriving (CIT) and the Brief Inventory of Thriving (BIT). Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being.

Wiese, C. W., Kuykendall, L., & Tay, L (in press). Get Active: A Meta-Analysis of Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Subjective Well-Being. Journal of Positive Psychology.

Wiese, C. W., Tay, L., Duckworth, A. L, D’Mello, S., Kuykendall, L., Hofmann, W., Baumeister, R. F., & Vohs, K. D. (in press). Too much of a good thing? Exploring the non-linear relationship between self-control and happiness. Journal of Personality. doi: 10.1111/jopy.12322

Fullick-Jagiela, J. M., Verbos, A. K., & Wiese, C. W. (2015). Relational Mentoring Episodes as a Catalyst for Empowering Protégés: A Conceptual Model. Human Resource Development Review, 4(14), 486-508. doi: 10.1177/1534484315610730

Beus, J. M., Jarrett, S. M., Taylor, A. B., & Wiese, C. W. (2014). Adjusting to new work teams: Testing work experience as a multidimensional resource for newcomers. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 35, 489-506. doi: 10.1002/job.1903

Wiese, C. W., & Fullick, J. M. (2014). The fantastic four years: Recommendations for IO programs. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 7, 22-27.

Shuffler, M. L., Wiese, C. W., Salas, E., & Burke, C. S. (2010). Leading one another across time and space: Exploring shared leadership functions in virtual teams. Revista de Psicología del Trabajo y de las Organizaciones, 26(1), 3-17. doi: 10.5093/tr2010v26n1a1

Please see Google Scholar for a complete list of my published papers or contact me for my updated CV.

Chris Wiese

Psychological Sciences, 703 Third Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907, (765) 494-6061 FAX: (765) 496-1264

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