Thekla Morgenroth

Degree: Ph.D. University of Exeter, 2015

Research Interests:

My research examines why and how people maintain social categories and hierarchies, especially when these are challenged, with a particular focus on the gender/sex binary and its consequences for women and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Some of my current projects include research on opposition to policies and practices that challenge the gender/sex binary, the psychology of different feminist ideologies, the link between gender nonconformity and identity denial, gendered perceptions of brilliance, and support for and opposition to the decriminalization of sex work.

Recent Publications:

Morgenroth, T., Ryan, M. K., & Fine, C. (2022). The Gendered Consequences of Risk-Taking at Work: Are Women Averse to Risk or to Poor Consequences?. Psychology of Women Quarterly, advance online publication.

Morgenroth, T., Kirby, T. A., Gee, I. A., & Ovett, T. A. (2021). Born this Way–or Not? The Relationship Between Essentialism and Sexual Minorities’ LGBTQ+ Identification and Belonging. Archives of Sexual Behavior50(8), 3447-3458.

Gartzia, L., Morgenroth, T., Ryan, M. K., & Peters, K. (2021). Testing the motivational effects of attainable role models: Field and experimental evidence. Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology5(4), 591-602.

Morgenroth T., Kirby T, Cuthbert M, Evje J, Anderson A (2021). Bisexual erasure: Perceived attraction patterns of bisexual women and men. European Journal of Social Psychology 

Morgenroth T., Kirby T. A., Ryan M.K., Sudkämper A. (2020). The who, when, and why of the glass cliff phenomenon: a meta-analysis of appointments to precarious leadership positions. Psychological Bulletin, 146(9), 797-829. 

Morgenroth T., Ryan M., Rink F., Begeny C. (2020). The (in)compatibility of identities: Understanding gender differences in work-life conflict through the fit with leaders. British Journal of Social Psychology 

Morgenroth T., Ryan M. K., Sønderlund A. L. (2021). Think Manager–Think Parent? Investigating the fatherhood advantage and the motherhood penalty using the Think Manager–Think Male paradigm. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 51(3), 237-247. 

Morgenroth T., Sendén M. G., Lindqvist A., Renström E. A., Ryan M. K., Morton T. A. (2020). Defending the Sex/Gender Binary: the Role of Gender Identification and Need for Closure. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 12(5), 731-740. 

Morgenroth T., Ryan M. K. (2020). The Effects of Gender Trouble: an Integrative Theoretical Framework of the Perpetuation and Disruption of the Gender/Sex Binary. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 174569162090244-174569162090244. 

Morgenroth T., Stratemeyer M, Paaßen B (2020). The Gendered Nature and Malleability of Gamer Stereotypes. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 23(8), 557-561. 

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Morgenroth T., Ryan M. (2018). Quotas and affirmative action: Understanding group-based outcomes and attitudes. Social and Personality Psychology Compass 

Peters K., Steffens N. K., Morgenroth T. (2018). Superstars Are Not Necessarily Role Models: Morality Perceptions Moderate the Impact of Competence Perceptions on Supervisor Role Modeling. European Journal of Social Psychology

Morgenroth T., Fine C., Ryan M. K., Genat A. E. (2017). Sex, Drugs, and Reckless Driving: Are Measures Biased Toward Identifying Risk-Taking in Men?. Social Psychological and Personality Science 

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Ryan M. K., Haslam S. A., Morgenroth T., Rink F., Stoker J., Peters K. (2016). Getting on top of the glass cliff: Reviewing a decade of evidence, explanations, and impact. Leadership Quarterly 

Morgenroth T., Ryan M. K., Peters K. (2015). The motivational theory of role modeling: How role models influence role aspirants' goals. Review of General Psychology, 19(4), 465-483. 


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