Teri Kirby

Degree: Ph.D. University of Washington, Seattle, 2015

Research Interests:

My research focuses on both sides of the acculturation process, or the process of bidirectional change that takes place when different groups come into contact with one another. Specifically, I examine how majority group efforts to adapt to minority groups facilitate or hinder inclusion and positive intergroup relations, as well as the reverse process (minority groups adapting to the majority group). 

Some recent topics of study include diversity ideologies (i.e., ideas about how to accommodate differences across ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation categories), the co-opting of diversity, cultural appropriation, and the impact of diversity initiatives (e.g., intersectional approaches to diversity initiatives, how diversity initiatives shape sensitivity to discrimination, self-concept, stereotyping, and academic/workplace outcomes).  

More broadly, my interests span a range of topics on diversity, inclusion, intergroup relations, and prejudice, particularly drawing on social psychological theories of self and identity. I hope to accept a graduate student for Fall 2022 – I encourage you to apply if you’re interested in these topics! 

Recent Publications:

Morgenroth, T., Kirby, T. A., Cuthbert, M., Evje, J., & Anderson, A. (in press). The erasure of bisexual men. Manuscript accepted for publication at European Journal of Social Psychology.

Kirby, T. A., Merritt, S.*, Baillie, S., Wu Malahy, L., & Kaiser, C. R. (in press). Combating bisexual erasure: The correspondence of implicit and explicit sexual identity. Manuscript accepted for publication at Social Psychological and Personality Science

Greenwald, A. G., Brendl…Kirby, T. A…. Wiers, R. W.  (in press). Best research practices for using the Implicit Association Test. Manuscript accepted for publication at Behavioral Research Methods.

Begeny, C., Wong, E.*, Kirby, T. A., Rink, F. A. (in press). Gender, race, and leadership. In M. Hogg (Ed.). Oxford Encyclopedia of Social Psychology. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Chapter accepted for publication.

Bosson, J. K., Vandello, J. A…Kirby, T. A… Žukauskienė, R. (in press). Psychometric properties and correlates of precarious manhood beliefs in 62 nations. Manuscript accepted for publication at Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Kirby, T. A., & Kaiser, C. R. (2021). Person-message fit: Racial identification moderates the benefits of diversity approaches. Personality and Social Psychological Bulletin, 47(6), 873-890. 

Kirby, T. A., Silva-Rego, M.*, & Kaiser, C. R. (2020). Colorblind and multicultural diversity strategies create identity management pressure, European Journal of Social Psychology, 50, 1143-1156.

Kirby, T. A., Tabak, J. A., Ilac, M., & Cheryan, S. (2020). The symbolic value of ethnic spaces. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 11(7), 867-878.

Morgenroth, T., Kirby, T. A., Ryan, M.K. & Sudkaemper, A. (2020). The who, when, and why of the glass cliff phenomenon: A meta-analysis of appointments to precarious leadership positions. Psychological Bulletin, 146(9), 797–829.

Ryan, M. K., Begeny, C. T., Bongiorno, R., Kirby, T. A., Morgenroth, T. (2020). Editorial: Understanding barriers to workplace equality: A focus on the target’s perspective. Frontiers in Psychology: Organizational Psychology, 11:1279. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.01279

Sudkaemper, A.*, Ryan, M.K., Kirby, T. A., & Morgenroth, T. (2020). A comprehensive measure of attitudes and behaviour: Development of the Support for Gender Equality Among Men scale. European Journal of Social Psychology50(2), 256-277. 

 Handron, C., Kirby, T. A., Wang, J., Matskewich, H. E., & Cheryan, S. (2017). Unexpected gains: Being overweight buffers Asian Americans from prejudice against foreigners. Psychological Science, 28(9), 1214-1227. doi: 10.1177/0956797617720912.  

Kirby, T. A., & Greenwald, A. G. (2017). Mental ownership: Does mental rehearsal transform novel stimuli into mental possessions? Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 73, 125-135. doi: 10.1016/j.jesp.2017.05.004.

Ruby, M. B., Alvarenga, M.S., Rozin, P., Kirby, T. A., Richer, E., Rutsztein, G. (2016). Attitudes toward beef and vegetarians in Argentina, Brazil, France, and the USA. Appetite, 96, 546-547. doi:10.1016/j.appet.2015.10.018.

Kirby, T. A., Kaiser, C. R., & Major, B. (2015). Insidious procedures: Diversity awards legitimize unfair organizational practices. Social Justice Research, 28(2), 169-186. doi:10.1007/s11211-015-0240-z.

Brady, L. M., Kaiser, C. R., Major, B., & Kirby, T. A. (2015). It’s fair for us: Diversity structures cause women to legitimize discrimination. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 57, 100-110. doi:10.1016/j.jesp.2014.11.010. 

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Assistant Professor, Social Psychology

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