Sean P. Lane


Ph.D. (Social Psychology; Minor: Quantitative Psychology), New York University, 2013

M.A. (Quantitative Methods), Columbia University, 2008

B.S. (Mathematics; Additional Major: Psychology), Carnegie Mellon University, 2005

Research Interests:

My research focuses on emotion regulation processes, their downstream effects on health and relationship outcomes, and how these processes differ between healthy and clinical subgroups. I apply and develop statistical methodologies, with a focus on nonlinear models and dynamic systems in characterizing these processes. I have also applied these methods in more substantive research, including the optimization of alcohol use disorder classification and the role of alcohol use as an antecedent, consequent, and modifier of emotion regulation processes.

Representative Publications:

Lane, S.P., & Hennes, E.P. (in press). Power struggles: Estimating sample size for multilevel relationships research. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Hepp, J., Lane, S. P., Wycoff, A.M., Carpenter, R. W., & Trull, T. J. (2017). Interpersonal problems and negative affect in Borderline Personality Disorder compared to community controls in daily life: A replication and extension. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 5(3), 470–484.

Hepp, J., Lane, S. P., Carpenter, R. W., Niedfeld, I., Brown, W. C., & Trull, T. J. (2017). Interpersonal problems and negative affect in borderline personality and depressive disorder individuals’ daily lives. Clinical Psychological Science, 5, 470-484.

Winograd, R. P., Steinley, D., Lane, S. P., & Sher, K. J. (2017). An experimental investigation of drunk personality using self and other reports. Clinical Psychological Science, 5, 439-456.

Carpenter, R. W., Trela, C. J., Lane, S. P., Wood, P. K., Piasecki, T. M., & Trull, T. J. (2017). Elevated rate of alcohol consumption in borderline personality disorder patients in daily   life. Psychopharmacology, 234, 3395-3406.

Mangels, J. A., Hoxha, O., Lane, S. P., Jarvis, S. N., & Downey, G., (2017). Orienting to social threat cues undermines feedback based learning in rejection sensitive women. Social Neuroscience. 1-20.

Bonifay, W., Lane, S. P., & Reise, S. P. (2017). Three concerns with applying a bifactor model    as a structure of psychopathology. Clinical Psychological Science, 5, 184-186.

Bonifay, W., Lane, S.P., & Reise, S.P. (2016). Three concerns with applying a bifactor model as a structure of psychopathology. Clinical Psychological Science. doi: 10.1177/2167702616657069

Lane, S.P., Carpenter, R.W., Sher, K.J., Trull, T.J. (2016). Alcohol craving and consumption in Borderline Personality Disorder: When, where, and with whom. Clinical Psychological Science, 4, 775-792. doi: 10.1177/2167702615616132

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Steinley, D., Lane, S.P., & Sher, K.J. (2016). Determining optimal diagnostic criteria through chronicity and comoridity. In Silico Pharmacology, 4, 1-12. doi: 10.1186/s40203-016-0015-8 [PMID: 26831872; PMCID: 4735036]

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Lane, S.P., & Sher, K.J. (2015). Limits of current approaches to diagnosis severity based on criterion counts: An example with DSM-5 alcohol use disorder. Clinical Psychological Science, 3, 819-835. doi: 10.1177/2167702614553026 [PMID: 26783505; PMCID: 4714779]

Tomko, R.L.*, Lane, S.P.*, Pronove, L.M., Treloar, H.R., Brown, W.C., Solhan, M.B., Wood, P.K., & Trull, T.J. (2015). Undifferentiated negative affect and impulsivity in borderline personality and depressive disorders: A momentary perspective. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 124, 740-753. (*equal first author contribution). [PMID: 26147324; PMCID: 4573801]

Trull, T.J., Lane, S.P., Koval, P., & Ebner-Priemer, U.W. (2015). Affective dynamics in psychopathology. Emotion Review, 7, 355-361. doi: 10.1177/1754073915590617 [PMID: 27617032; PMCID: 5016030]

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Rabaglia, C.D., Marcus, G.F., & Lane S.P. (2011). What can individual differences tell us about the specialization of function? Cognitive Neuropsychology, 28, 288-303. [PMID: 22185239]

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