September 1997,  Titles

Compartmental analysis of zinc kinetics in mature, male rats
House WA and Wastney ME
Am. J. Physiol 273 (Reg Integ Comp Pysiol 42):R1117-1125, 1997

Sept Alerts

Menzies ,.T    Compton ,.P    
Applications of Abduction - Hypothesis Testing of Neuroendocrinological 
Qualitative Compartmental Models 
Artif Int M ,.10(2):145-175. 1997 

Aliev ,.MK    Saks ,.VA    
Compartmentalized Energy Transfer in Cardiomyocytes - Use of Mathematical 
Modeling For Analysis of in Vivo Regulation of Respiration 
Biophys J ,.73(1):428-445. 1997 

Lowe ,.NM    Shames ,.DM    Woodhouse ,.LR    Matel ,.JS    Roehl ,.R    
Saccomani ,.MP    Toffolo ,.G    Cobelli ,.C    King ,.JC    
A Compartmental Model of Zinc Metabolism in Healthy Women Using Oral and 
Intravenous Stable Isotope Tracers 
Am J Clin N ,.65(6):1810-1819. 1997