October 1997,  Titles

Mintchev M, Bowes K, 
Computer model of gastric electrical stimulation.
Ann Biomed Eng 1997 Jul-Aug;25(4):726-30

Li Z, Yipintsoi T, Bassingthwaighte JB
Nonlinear model for capillary-tissue oxygen transport and metabolism.
Ann Biomed Eng 1997 Jul-Aug;25(4):604-19

Tsao JL, Davis SD, Baker SM, Liskay RM, Shibata D
Intestinal stem cell division and genetic diversity. A computer and experimental
Am J Pathol 1997 Aug;151(2):573-9

Sengupta A, Biswas P, Jayaraman G, Guha SK
Understanding utero-placental blood flow in normal and hypertensive pregnancy 
through a mathematical model.
Med Biol Eng Comput 1997 May;35(3):223-30

Cai Y, Walsh EJ, McGee J, 
A simple program for simulating the responses of neurons with arbitrarily 
structured and active dendritic trees.
J Neurosci Methods 1997 Jun 6;74(1):27-35

Sessions RB, Oram M, Szczelkun MD,  Halford SE
Random walk models for DNA synapsis by resolvase.
J Mol Biol 1997 Jul 18;270(3):413-25

Zeng H, MacAulay C, McLean DI, Palcic B
Reconstruction of in vivo skin autofluorescence spectrum from microscopic 
properties by Monte Carlo simulation.
J Photochem Photobiol B 1997 Apr;38(2-3):234-40

Harris WS, Hustvedt BE, Hagen E, Green MH, Lu G, Drevon CA
N-3 fatty acids and chylomicron metabolism in the rat.
J Lipid Res 1997 Mar;38(3):503-15

Busso T, Robbins PA
Evaluation of estimates of alveolar gas exchange by using a tidally ventilated 
nonhomogenous lung model.
J Appl Physiol 1997 Jun;82(6):1963-71

Larsson PG, Philipson L
Simulation of the influence of different factors on the motor nerve conduction 
velocity measurement. Part 2: Pathological conditions.
Electromyogr Clin Neurophysiol 1997 Jun-Jul;37(4):195-9

Liang J, Chen JD
What can be measured from surface electrogastrography. Computer simulations.
Dig Dis Sci 1997 Jul;42(7):1331-43

Ashby R, Gyory AZ
A thermodynamic equilibrium model for calcium salt urolithiasis: clinical 
Exp Nephrol 1997 May-Jun;5(3):246-52

Soeller C, Cannell MB
Numerical simulation of local calcium movements during L-type calcium channel 
gating in the cardiac diad.
Biophys J 1997 Jul;73(1):97-111

Kuo SC, Hammer DA, Lauffenburger DA
Simulation of detachment of specifically bound particles from surfaces by shear flow.
Biophys J 1997 Jul;73(1):517-31

Dubertret B, Rivier N
The renewal of the epidermis: a topological mechanism.
Biophys J 1997 Jul;73(1):38-44

Naylor JS, Hodel AS, Albisser AM, Evers JH, Strickland JH, Schumacher DA
Comparison of parametrized models for computer-based estimation of diabetic 
patient glucose response.
Med Inf (Lond) 1997 Jan-Mar;22(1):21-34

Prochazka A, Gillard D, Bennett DJ, 
Implications of positive feedback in the control of movement.
J Neurophysiol 1997 Jun;77(6):3237-51

Morsink PL, Verkerke GJ, Grootenboer HJ, Mihaylov D, Rakhorst G
Numerical modelling of blood flow behaviour in the valved catheter of the 
PUCA-pump, a LVAD.
Int J Artif Organs 1997 May;20(5):277-84

Chon KH, Cohen RJ
Linear and nonlinear ARMA model parameter estimation using an artificial neural 
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 1997 Mar;44(3):168-74

Drzewiecki G, Wang JJ, Li JK, Kedem J, Weiss H
Modeling of mechanical dysfunction in regional stunned myocardium of the left 
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 1996 Dec;43(12):1151-63

Trayanova N
Discrete versus syncytial tissue behavior in a model of cardiac stimulation--II:
Results of simulation
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 1996 Dec;43(12):1141-50

Ho-Shon K, Feng D, Hawkins RA, Meikle S, Fulham MJ, Li X
Optimized sampling and parameter estimation for quantification in whole body 
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 1996 Oct;43(10):1021-8

Abuja PM,  Albertini R, Esterbauer H, 
Simulation of the induction of oxidation of low-density lipoprotein by high 
copper concentrations: evidence for a nonconstant rate of initiation.
Chem Res Toxicol 1997 Jun;10(6):644-51

Husbands P, Harvey I, Cliff D, Miller G
Artificial evolution: a new path for artificial intelligence?
Brain Cogn 1997 Jun;34(1):130-59

Benner T, Heiland S, Erb G, Forsting M, Sartor K
Accuracy of gamma-variate fits to concentration-time curves from dynamic 
susceptibility-contrast enhanced MRI: influence of time resolution, maximal 
signal drop and signal-to-noise.
Magn Reson Imaging 1997;15(3):307-17

Maley C
Mutation rates as adaptations.
J Theor Biol 1997 Jun 7;186(3):339-48

Keyhani K, Scherer PW, Mozell MM
A numerical model of nasal odorant transport for the analysis of  human 
J Theor Biol 1997 Jun 7;186(3):279-301

Mount GA, Haile DG, Daniels E
Simulation of blacklegged tick (Acari:Ixodidae) population dynamics and 
transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi.
J Med Entomol 1997 Jul;34(4):461-84

Siregar P, Sinteff JP, Julen N, Lebeux P
Spatio-temporal reasoning for multi-scale modeling in cardiology.
Artif Intell Med 1997 May;10(1):41-57

Xie TD, Chen Y, Marszalek P, Tsong TY
Fluctuation-driven directional flow in biochemical cycle: further study of 
electric activation of Na,K pumps.
Biophys J 1997 Jun;72(6):2496-502

Graham MM
Physiologic smoothing of blood time-activity curves for PET data  analysis.
J Nucl Med 1997 Jul;38(7):1161-8

Wakefield J, Walker S
A population approach to initial dose selection.
Stat Med 1997 May 30;16(10):1135-49

Stukel TA, Demidenko E
Two-stage method of estimation for general linear growth curve models.
Biometrics 1997 Jun;53(2):720-8

Mullender MG, Huiskes R
Osteocytes and bone lining cells: which are the best candidates for 
mechano-sensors in cancellous bone?
Bone 1997 Jun;20(6):527-32