November 1997,  Titles

Jakobsson E
Computer simulation studies of biological membranes: Progress, promise and 
pitfalls Trends in Biochemical Sciences  (United Kingdom), 1997, 22(9) p339-344.

Jackson ME; Cauller LJ
Evaluation of simplified compartmental models of reconstructed neocortical 
neurons for use in large-scale simulations of biological neural networks
Brain Research Bulletin  (United States), 1997, 44(1) p7-17

Saxena P; Goldstein R; Isaac L
Computer simulation of neuronal toxicity in the spinal cord
Neurological Research  (United States), 1997, 19(3) p340-348

Abkowitz JL; Catlin SN; Guttorp P
Strategies for hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy: Insights from computer 
simulation studies
Blood  (United States), 1997, 89(9) p3192-3198

Kramer DA; Conolly RB
Computer simulation of clonal growth cancer models. I. Parameter estimation 
using an iterative absolute bisection algorithm. 
Risk Analysis  (United States), 1997, 17(1) p115-126

Mouritsen OG; Jorgensen K
Small-scale lipid-membrane structure: Simulation versus experiment
Current Opinion in Structural Biology  (United Kingdom), 1997, 7(4) p518-527

Hofmann W; Koblinger L; Mohamed A
Incorporation of biological variability into lung dosimetry by stochastic 
modeling techniques.
Environment International  (United Kingdom), 1997, 22(SUPPL. 1) pS995-S1003

Daizadeh I; Medvedev ES; Stuchebrukhov AA
Effect of protein dynamics on biological electron transfer
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 
(United States), 1997, 94(8) p3703-3708

Araki H; Tachida H
Bottleneck effect on evolutionary rate in the nearly neutral mutation model
Genetics  (United States), 1997, 147(2) p907-914

Ghosh S; Kim H-Y; Das N
Cerebral calcium fluxes and calcium homeostasis in the rat: A minimal model
Neurological Research  (United States), 1997, 19(4) p403-408

Heaney RP; Yates AJ; Santora II AC
Bisphosphonate effects and the bone remodeling transient
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research  (United States), 1997, 12(8) p1143-1151

Rodrigo AG; Goracke PC; Rowhanian K; Mullins JI
Quantitation of target molecules from polymerase chain reaction-based limiting 
dilution assays AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses  (United States), 1997, 
13(9) p737-742

Howell RW; Goddu SM; Rao DV
Design and performance characteristics of an experimental cesium-137 irradiator
to simulate internal radionuclide dose rate patterns
Journal of Nuclear Medicine  (United States), 1997, 38(5) p727-730