April 1997,    Titles

Wong JK, Ignacio CC, Torriani F, Havlir D, Fitch NJS, Richman DD
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Krishnamurti CR, Ramberg CF, Shariff MA, Boston RC A
Compartmental Model Depicting Short-Term Kinetic Changes in Selenium Metabolism in Ewes Fed Hay Containing Normal or Inadequate Levels of Selenium J Nutr ,.127(1):95-102. 1997

Field KA, Holowka D, Baird B
Compartmentalized Activation of the High Affinity Immunoglobulin E Receptor Within Membrane Domains J Biol Chem 272(7):4276-4280, 1997

Maccioni HJF, Fritz VR, Maxzud MK, Daniotti JL, Martina JA
Compartmental Organization of Ganglioside Synthesis in the Golgi Complex Biocell 20(3):279-286, 1996