Other Common Names:

Eastern sauger, gray pike, horsefish, jack, jack fish, jack salmon, pickerel, pickering, pike perch, river pike, sand pike, softfin pike, spotted trout


Scientific Name:

Stizostedion canadense



Feeds on fish, crayfish, and insects



Prefers large, sluggish rivers



Average length is 12 to 13 inches



usually olive-gray on back with white belly; back crossed with 3-4 dark saddles extending down sides; 2-3 rows of black dots on the anterior dorsal fin; large, glossy eyes and sharp teeth


Photo & text courtesy of:

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Iowa Fish and Fishing by James R. Harlan and Everett B. Speaker with James Mayhew; color illustrations by Maynard F. Reece

Fishes of Wisconsin by George C. Becker

Fishes of Indiana published by Indiana Department of Conservation, Division of Fish and Game (1964)


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