Nana Gletsu Miller

Educational Background

  • B.Sc. , Biochemistry, Honors at University of Saskatchewan in 1990
  • Ph.D., Nutrition and Metabolism at University of Alberta in 1998

Dissertation Title

Insulin Receptor Translocation To The Nucleus

Awards & Honors

  • PI, Indiana CTSI Project Development Team - Pediatrics, 2015 - 2017
  • PI, Indiana CTSI Project Development Team , 2014 - 2016
  • PI, Agricultural Research Programs Assistantship, 2013 - 2015
  • PI, Human Biomarkers for Copper Deficiency, 2009 - 2014
  • Chair, Diversity Section, The Obesity Society, 2012 - 2013
  • PI, Cancer and Obesity Pilot Grant, Walther Foundation, 2012 - 2013

Activities & Memberships

  • Member, Canadian Nutrition Society, 1996 - 2012
  • Member, American Diabetes Society, 2008 - 2011
  • Member, The Obesity Society, 2003 - Present
  • Member, American Society for Nutrition, 1997 - Present


The major focus of Dr. Gletsu Miller's laboratory is to study nutritional status in obesity and following weight loss intervention. One research project is interested in improving nutritional health following bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery is a common and highly effective treatment for severe obesity, but patients are at risk for nutritional complications, including deficiencies in iron, copper and vitamin D. Objectives of this research are to describe the prevalence of nutrient deficiencies, the mechanisms involved, the clinical consequences, and to develop effective treatment strategies. Another research project is interested in identifying dietary and physical activity behaviors that contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes in adolescents who are obese. This project utilizes innovative tools to objectively measure diet and physical activity. The goals of this project are to identify problematic dietary and physical activity factors that can be targeted in behavior modification interventions for the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Discovery Publications

  • Wagner, K, A., Armah, S, M., Smith, L.G., Pike, J., Tu, W., Campbell, W.W., Boushey, C.J., Hannon, T.S., Gletsu-Miller, N.  Associations between diet behaviors and measures of glycemia, in a clinical setting in obese adolescents.  In press Childhood Obesity, April 2016
  • Mischler, R.A., Armah, S.M., Wright, B.N., Mattar, S.G., Rosen, A.D., Gletsu-Miller, N. †  Influence of diet and supplements on iron status following gastric bypass surgery. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases. September 2015 DOI: 10.1016/j.soard.2015.09.007, epub
  • Forbes, R., Gasevic, D., Watson, E.M., Ziegler, T.R., Lin, E., Burgess, J.R., Gletsu-Miller, N. † Essential fatty acid plasma profiles following gastric bypass and adjusted gastric banding bariatric surgeries.  Obesity Surgery, September 2015 DOI: 10.1007/s11695-015-1876-3, epub
  • Wright, B.N., Gletsu-Miller, N.. (In Press) Iron nutriture following bariatric surgery. Bariatric Surgical Practice and Patient Care.
  • Gletsu-Miller, N., McCrory, M.A.. (2014) Modifying eating behavior: novel approaches for reducing body weight, preventing weight regain, and reducing chronic disease risk. . Advances in Nutrition. 5(6):789-791.
  • Gletsu-Miller, N., Kahn, H.S., Gasevic, D., Liang, Z., Frediani, J.K., Torres, W.E., Ziegler, T.R., Phillips, L.S., Lin, E. (2013) Sagittal abdominal diameter and visceral adiposity: Correlates of beta-cell function and dysglycemia in highly adipose women. Obesity Surgery. 23(7):874-881. 
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  • Gletsu-Miller, N., Broderius, M., Frediani, J.K., Zhao, V.M., Griffith, D.P., Davis, S.S. Jr, Sweeney, J.F., Lin, E., Prohaska, J.R., and Ziegler, T.R. (2012) Incidence and prevalence of copper deficiency following roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery. International Journal of Obesity. 36(3):328-335. Epub doi:10.1038/ijo.2011.159.
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  • Lin, E., Liang, Z., Frediani, J., Davis, S.S. Jr, Sweeney, J.F., Ziegler, T.R., Phillips, L.S., and Gletsu-Miller, N. (2010) Improvement in beta-cell function in patients with normal- and hyper-glycemia following roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery. American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism. 299(5):E706-712.
  • Gletsu-Miller, N., Hansen, J., Jones, D.P., Go, Y-M., Torres, W.E., Ziegler, T.R., and Lin, E.. (2009) Loss of total and visceral adipose tissue mass predict decreases in oxidative stress after weight loss surgery. Obesity. 17:439-446.
  • Gletsu, N., Lin, E., Zhu, J-L., Khaitan, L., Ramshaw, B.J., Farmer, P.K., Ziegler, T.R., Papanicolaou, D.A., and Smith, C.D. (2006) Increased plasma interleukin-6 concentrations and exaggerated adipose tissue interleukin 6 content in severely obese patients after operative trauma. Surgery. 140:50-57.
  • Gletsu, N., Lin, E., Khaitan, L., Lynch, S.A., Ramshaw, B.J., Raziano, R., Torres, W.E., and Ziegler, T.R. (2005) Changes in C-Reactive protein predict insulin sensitivity in severely obese individuals following weight loss surgery. Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery. 9:1119-1128.


NUTR 43600 Nutrition Assessment 
NUTR 43800 Micronutrient and Phytochemical Metabolism in Human Health and Disease

International Programs & Activities

Coordinator of Purdue Nutrition Science/Dublin Institute of Technology Study Abroad Program - 2014 to present

Nana Gletsu Miller

Associate Professor

Office: STON 208
Phone: 765.496.9462

Lab Website

Department of Nutrition Science, 700 W. State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2059(765) 494-8228, Fax: (765) 494-0674

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