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Why health and human sciences?

Because we’re passionate about our research, and we’re passionate about people.

We’re solving some of the most pressing challenges of our time with cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in topics like eating disorders, mental health, exercise science, hearing loss, social relationships and sustainable tourism … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our faculty and students study health and well-being at every stage of the lifespan — from pregnancy to elder care — in addition to hospitality and financial planning, retail and sales management, and so much more.

We’re the people of Health and Human Sciences at Purdue University. We’re making lives better.

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Who we are

Picture of Alec Suarez

“I chose the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) because of my major, public health. Being in HHS and public health has allowed me to pursue my personal and professional goals of bettering communities. I have had the opportunity to work with wonderful HHS staff and peers. Having my internship under HHS faculty has been one of my greatest experiences at Purdue. Their passion for knowledge and their willingness to work with you to reach the next step in your personal and professional goals has made my time in HHS one that I cherish deeply.”

Alec Suarez

Public Health major

Picture of Jennifer Freeman

“HHS is a great place to be a professor as we get the opportunity to work with exceptional graduate and undergraduate students. Many are directly involved in faculty research, implementing their own ideas towards new discoveries.”

Jennifer Freeman

Associate Professor of toxicology

Picture of Pepper Burruss

“At Purdue, I learned how critical it is to network and how important it is to fit in as much education as you can. I am a dyed-in-the-wool Boilermaker and I'm proud of my education.”

Pepper Burruss (HK '76)

Director of sports medicine administration, Green Bay Packers

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Look at us from another angle! HHS takes a comprehensive approach to addressing human health and well-being at every stage of the lifespan. Explore our magazine and see how we’re looking at things differently, fostering new collaborations and educating tomorrow’s health professionals, educators, researchers and business leaders.

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