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This two-course, 100% online sales certification provides salespeople in all industries the foundation they need to perfect their selling skills and drive sales growth. The program is designed around the Experiential Learning Theory, giving students knowledge in all aspects of the sales cycle. 

Professional selling is a key business driver in all industries. Master your skills on a variety of topics, from prospecting customers, identifying the steps in the sales process, negotiating, being ethically minded, closing a sale, and identifying your strengths and weaknesses to continue your personal growth as a sales professional.  

Let us help you grow into a successful salesperson, with the self-discipline and persistence to succeed!

Who Should Enroll in the Selling Certification Program?

  • Account managers
  • Insurance sales agents
  • Real estate agents
  • Sales managers
  • Sales representatives

Certificate of Achievement

Students who successfully complete all components of the two courses and achieve a score of 80% or greater on their final role play will receive a Professional Selling Certificate. 

Key Program Takeaways

  • Further your professionalism of the sales field.
  • Master each step in the sales process.
  • Use an ethical mindset with your sales techniques.
  • Apply theories and principles of sales management.
  • Map the buying environment and understand buying decision influencers.  
  • Develop a sales forecast for your company.

AdmissionsAdmissions Criteria for Sales Certification

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The Introduction to Sales course is a beginner course and does not require any prerequisites. Students can register for the course at any time and begin studies immediately.

The Advanced Sales Training course is for advanced students who have either completed the Introduction to Sales course, the Virtual Selling micro-course, or have experience or an educational background in sales. Students can enroll for Spring or Fall semesters.




Sales Certification Program Cost

Courses in the Professional Selling Certificate program are designed to teach you specific skills for the workplace. Our courses are constantly updated and taught by faculty who are industry experts and practice-oriented.


Introduction to Sales Course


Advanced Sales Training Course


Total Certificate Cost*


*Textbook fees are not included in the price.
Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Purdue University Board of Trustees. Rates are for the 2022-2023 academic year.


Two non-credit sales courses are required to earn Purdue’s Professional Selling Certificate, the Introduction to Sales course and the Advanced Sales Training course. Once students successfully complete both courses, they receive a certificate in professional selling and earn 3.2 continuing education units (CEUs).

Course 1: Introduction to Sales

Further your sales career by increasing your professional skills. Focus on sales skills and skill development and learn how to always engage with customers in the most ethical means possible. Build the self-discipline and persistence needed to succeed. 

The Introduction to Sales course includes access to a sales training simulator, Selleration™. This simulator predicts the likelihood of sales success, improves judgment in selling situations, and increases the productivity of salespeople. Students will enter 3D virtual business environments and engage in sales scenarios with virtual customers where they are challenged to advance a sales deal. This online sales course provides students with an introduction to the broad knowledge needed in the sales process.

Length: 16 weeks
Delivery: Asynchronous, begin studies today!
Weekly Commitment: 1-2 hours 
CEUs: 1.8

Course Highlights

  • Building rapport
  • Ethics in sales
  • Handling objections
  • Sales presentations
  • Why people buy

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the different components/skills of relationship selling and apply them effectively in role play scenarios, simulations, live sales events, and other sales opportunities.
  2. Analyze your own strengths and weaknesses related to selling. Develop on strengths and overcome weaknesses.
  3. Identify changes that have occurred within the buying environment with existing customers.
  4. Identify the sales continuum and the functional roles within the continuum.


Course 2: Advanced Sales Training

Learn and apply theories and principles of sales management. This course gives students exposure to multiple aspects of the sales cycle and sales management through practice, simulations, case studies, and active involvement. This online course includes videos, quizzes, discussion boards, and graded role play. 

Students will have the unique opportunity to learn from other sales professionals as they perfect their skills. By completing this course, students become certified sales professionals and are prepared to succeed in their workplace.

Length: 16 weeks
Delivery: Cohort-based
CEUs: 1.4
Weekly Commitment: 1-2 hours 

Course Highlights

  • Advanced listening
  • Art of questions
  • Complexity of the buying environment
  • Sales continuum
  • Sales forecasting

Learning Outcomes

  1. Expand upon existing knowledge and reinforce positive behaviors, and identify areas of further growth in sales process execution through practice and feedback leading to a higher degree of proficiency on the job.
  2. Analyze own strengths and weaknesses related to selling. Develop on strengths and overcome weaknesses.
  3. Identify changes that have occurred within the buying environment with existing customers.
  4. Identify the sales continuum and the functional roles within the continuum.


Keep growing your sales career.

Skills in professional selling are vital for companies to build and maintain customer bases. Becoming a certified sales professional will help you take the next giant leap in your career.

Nearly every industry relies on sales to expand and maintain business operations. From engineering and real estate, to advertising and travel. Earning a Certificate in Professional Selling will elevate your sales skills and teach you how to become an expert salesperson in your industry.


Advertising sales agents work in a variety of mediums from outdoor, to print, to selling digital space. Agents are key to retaining accounts and meeting quotas. Purdue’s sales courses will help agents build rapport with clients and perfect their presentation skills.

Man with hard hat onEngineering

Selling complex scientific and technological products and services requires sales engineers to have advanced knowledge of the sales continuum. Successfully understanding customer needs and forecasting future machinery needs are vitally important in the industry.

Earning this certificate prepares graduates to map the buying environment and develop a model for documenting buying decision making. 


Insurance sales agents work with customers individually to help find insurance plans that best fit their needs. The Certificate in Professional Selling will help these agents review and critique their own sales performances and overcome weaknesses within their sales process. After completing this certificate, insurance sales agents will better be able to connect with customers and clearly explain their company’s insurance plans.

Man at computerReal Estate

With a booming housing market, selling real estate is more competitive than ever before. Perfecting your selling technique and learning new skills and strategies from your instructor and peers will set you apart from the competition.

Brokers and real estate agents manage their own portfolios and this certificate will provide the tools needed to nurture a client database.

Securities and Finance

Securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents connect buyers and sellers in financial markets. They sell securities to individuals, advise companies in search of investors, and conduct trades.

The Advanced Sales Training course will teach students different methods to build a sales forecast for their company and different financial markets. 

Woman sitting at desk with world mapTravel

Travel agents assist customers by providing advice on travel destinations, making travel arrangements, and detailing itineraries. To best build rapport and increase word of mouth to retain future clients, travel agents must quickly understand the unique needs of their customers. 

The courses in this sales certificate teach the art of personal selling. Students will learn about the steps of the sales process and learn how to identify unique decision making identifiers for each individual customer.

Wholesale and Manufacturing

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives sell to businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. These sales reps must have a deep knowledge of the different products they are selling and the skills to negotiate a deal. 

Earning a certificate in professional selling will better equip these salespeople with the skills to analyze how their customer’s needs meet their company’s needs and how to highlight unique product features.


Dale.jpgDr. Anita K. Dale
Managing Director, Purdue Center for Professional Selling 
Continuing Lecturer, Division of Consumer Science 

Office: Center for Professional Selling
Phone: 765-494-7860
Faculty Profile

“Sales eats first because every economically viable company has a sales function!”







Can I count the certificate toward other degrees at Purdue?

No, this is a stand alone certification. 

Can I enroll in just a single course?

Yes, students are able to enroll in just one of the two courses required to receive a Professional Selling Certificate. Visit the Admissions section for more information.

How do online classes work? Do I have to be at my computer at a specific time?

As a sales certificate student, you will be taking classes in an online environment. Instructors provide materials, lectures, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time. Your lectures are not time restricted, meaning you don't need to be logged in to view your course materials at a specific time.

All of your course activities, assignments, and exams must be completed by their respective due dates. You will need to view course lectures regularly to keep current.

How long does it take to complete the certification?

The Professional Selling Certificate requires completion of two 16-week courses which can be taken over two semesters. 

How will I be graded?

Students are graded based on their performance in class. The courses are offered online and have various methods for grading depending on the specific requirements for a given class. Students can expect to experience any combination of homework, graded exams, final projects, group work, or graded reports.

Is financial aid available?

No, financial aid is not available for this certificate.

What careers does this certificate prepare me for?

A certificate in professional selling can help graduates advance into careers such as account manager, advertising sales agent, director of inside sales, financial planner, real estate broker, regional sales executive, sales engineer, sales manager, and more.

What is the frequency of starts for this program?

There are three starts for this program - fall, spring, and summer.

Will I earn university credits for completing the certification?

This is a non-credit certificate, graduates do not receive any university credits for completing the two courses.

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