Undergraduate Experiential Learning and Professional Development Courses

Syllabi are subject to change. Brightspace and this website will be updated as changes occur.

Need a Preliminary Site Approval?

Email the company name, your proposed position, and a short job description to the HTM Career Center Coordinator, Maria Poynter at poynterm@purdue.edu

HTM Internship Faculty Instructor:

Hospitality and Tourism Management – Dr. Susan Gordon – htm202-302@purdue.edu 

*Each semester/session, a TA may be assigned to assist

CSR Internship Faculty Instructors:

Financial Counseling & Planning - Dr. Dave Evans - daevans@purdue.edu

Retail Management - Dr. Stephen Leitch - sleitch@purdue.edu or Dr. Catherine Zhang - zhan1309@purdue.edu

Selling & Sales Management - Keith Molter - molter@purdue.edu

*Each semester/session, a TA may be assigned to assist


HTM/CSR Students:

In addition to your academic requirements, the White Lodging-J.W. Marriott, Jr. School of Hospitality and Tourism Management along with its Division of Consumer Science require that all HTM/CSR Undergraduate students complete one to two experiential learning/professional development courses: HTM 202 - Work Experience, HTM 302 – Internship, CSR 300 – Retail Management, and/or CSR 307 – Selling and Sales Management, CSR 480 – Financial Counseling and Planning.

Students are required to read the syllabi for each course. HTM Students must also attend/participate in at least one mandatory orientation meeting, and pass a quiz before the departmental override may be given by their academic advisor for registration.

Our School  strongly recommends that all students register for our HTM/CSR List Serve for up to date notifications of open internships, part time, and full time opportunities.  This email and other important professional development updates will come to you from the HTM Career Center Coordinator, Maria Poynter.

Graduate (Master's) Students are more than welcome and encouraged take advantage of the career center services.

Aegis  Dora

Previous Internship Information:

Previous internships completed by our HTM/CSR Students, watch video one, and video two.

Previous internships completed by our CSR Students, read here.

HTM 202/302 Mandatory Orientation Meeting & Quiz Details:

Meeting Orientation Information:

All HTM Undergraduate students are required to complete an HTM 202 - Work Experience and HTM 302 - Internship for their degree. 

For those wishing to complete an HTM 202/302 for the upcoming Spring/Summer/Fall 2022 and have not attended a meeting orientation or taken the quiz, will need to do so.

The objective of these orientations is to relay important information about our HTM 202/302 internship requirements for students needing to complete their HTM Undergraduate degree.

These are duplicate orientations, so students will only need to participate once. The attendance of these orientations are good on record for two years (24 months). Students that have not attended a mandatory meeting in the last two years and miss a scheduled meeting in the current semester, may risk NOT being approved to register for their upcoming semester for HTM 202 or 302.

Orientation Date/Time:

Third and final Mandatory Orientation Meeting for fall 2021 is scheduled as follows:

Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST

Location: Marriott Hall, Room 148

To sign up for this orientation, please email Maria Poynter at poynterm@purdue.edu to RSVP.

Quiz Information:

Our second departmental requirement is our 46 question on-line quiz, it is also good on record for two years (24 months). 

The quiz may be initiated here.

CSR 300/307/480 Mandatory Orientation Meeting Details:

Effective summer 2021, students will not be required to attend a mandatory pre-meeting in order to register for their internship credit. Instead, once you are registered for the internship course (CSR 300, 307, or 480) you will access the online orientation in Brightspace as soon as the course opens. The online orientation and syllabus quiz will be required in order to access the Site Approval Form.  If you would like to ensure a position qualified before you accept, contact the correct internship faculty member (listed above).    

Where did our graduates go?

HTM Employment data can be found here.

CSR Employment data can be found here.

Employer Responsibilities:

  • Employment time periods should be specified in advance and no fewer than fourteen (14) days prior to the student's starting date.
  • Employer agrees to schedule and/or offer work opportunities to the student such that he/she can fulfill the 320/140 hour paid work experience/internship, and inform the student of any overtime.
  • Employer agrees to expose students to functional areas during their internship. Significant time should be spent in each area so the student can be knowledgeable within each area. 
  • Employer should make every effort to provide the student with access to training material used in the operation.
  • When applicable, invite students to attend a company meeting or training session.
  • Employer will pay the student a reasonable wage while employed, commensurate with his/her ability, experience, the position and the cost of living in the area.
  • When applicable, provide realistic housing and transportation information to the student.
  • The employer will permit the Purdue internship faculty advisor or our HTM Career Center Coordinator to visit the employer's site or speak with them for the purpose of reviewing the program with the appropriate officials and speaking with students presently at the facility.
  • Students should be placed under direct supervision of one person such as a general manager, shift manager, etc. This individual will be responsible for completing our Employer Progress Report Form.
  • A company progress form may also be used. The employer should counsel and advise the student on his/her progress and offer suggestions for improvements.
  • In the event a student is not performing in accordance with both company and the school of HTM standards, the employer is under no obligation to continue employment. Prior to termination of the internship agreement, please contact our HTM Career Center Coordinator.

Student Responsibilities:

  • The student is encouraged to register for the HTM/CSR List Serve to receive emails with important information.
  • The student will need to register for their required internship.
  • The student will need to submit the required documents for each required internship
  • The student will need to submit assignments/reports in Brightspace.
  • The student will need to be sure the employer completes/submits the (final) Employer Progress Report (EPR) Evaluation Form for the School of HTM during the internship.
  • The student will abide by all of the rules and policies of the cooperating employer.
  • The student will need to turn in proof of a minimum paid work hours: HTM - 320 paid work hours is needed for each credit hour and pay rate must be equivalent to at least minimum wage and CSR – 140 paid work hours.
  • Accepting employment implies an obligation to continue with the employer as per the agreed upon dates of employment and until obligations to the employer have been met.

School of HTM Responsibilities:

  • We will inform the students of the advantages of internships within our industry and counsel them on coordination with their academic timetable.
  • We will post information to help students and assist in any way to help.
  • We will monitor student progress with cooperating employers.

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